19-21 Aug 2020
International Convention Centre Sydney

Industry News

Renewed focus on collaboration as demand for remote working grows

Work habits have changed and the demand for remote working is on the rise. Driven by our geographical location, changes in working culture and more recently, global events, advances in collaboration technology have never been more relevant.

Fireworks in debate: Part 2

Last month, we discussed various councils plans to hold or cancel fireworks displays among fear from constituents that they could spark new fires. In part 2 of this report, we will look at the opportunity for AV professionals to help alleviate some of the growing concerns through new approaches to production.

Introducing Bose Work

Bose Work solutions bring the simplicity and clarity of Bose to the boardroom with conferencing and unified communications products.

Superior video resolution from Harman

MadisonAV introduces the all new HARMAN AMX Enova DVX Presentation Switchers.

Clickshare Conference from Barco

Barco welcome a new member to their Clickshare family, bringing closer collaboration and immersive conference experience.

100% that Sound

Over 20 channels of Sennheiser Digital 6000 were deployed at last month’s GRAMMY Awards in a the first ‘end-to-end’ Digital Signal Chain for vocal mics.

Yamaha: Power and Performance.

Jan 30, 2020 Audio & Broadcast

Yamaha’s DZR loudspeakers deliver a truly professional sound whilst still having a compact, lightweight design.

How technology adds more life to work-life balance

Jan 30, 2020 AV Systems

There is a symbol for the most significant workplace design trend in recent memory, and its near pervasiveness is a good indicator of the depth of change seen at the office since the turn of the millennium. The symbol is the ping-pong table, and many readers of this article will likely be within a good serve’s distance of one right now.

Fireworks in debate: Part 1

In this two part investigation we look at how advances in projection mapping can enhance pyrotechnical displays, or even replace them in bushfire-prone areas during summer.

Moving from Entertainment to Wellness

A shift in tech applications at the annual Consumer Electronics Show saw technologies previously developed for home entertainment being adapted for future wellness programs in the home.

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