27-29 Aug 2019
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Industry News

Intuitive architecture

Aug 16, 2019 AV Systems

Business managers are no longer fitting out work spaces and thinking of their technology later. The technology requirements of the digital age mean these spaces need careful planning and consideration of how they can maximise their audio-visual offering and provide the most beneficial user experience.

BTC : delivering the best in video conferencing hardware

The DTEN Interactive Touch screen runs Zoom Rooms out of the box. No additional hardware required.

Integrated futuristic homes

In the home sector there is a global trend towards technologies that provide ease of living. Wireless internet of things (IoT) technologies and automated gadgets are popular with consumers who are looking to connect their devices and unify their digital experience.

Signage makes a splash

Digital signage and interactive displays are making a big impact across different markets from hospitality and healthcare to the corporate world.

AV over IP on the rise

Aug 9, 2019 Networks

Markets such as broadcasting, post-production, corporate, education, medical, security and houses of worship are expected to benefit from the many advantages of new technologies that enable video and sound signals to be sent through standard IT networks.

Spotlight on commercial automation and IoT

Aug 7, 2019 Smart Building

Automation is expected to expand in the next decade, with advances in digital connectivity and the internet paving the way for a host of sophisticated, smart digital products that are connected and unified.

E-sports and live events level up

The video gaming and e-sports (multiplayer electronic games played competitively for spectators) sector is expected to grow exponentially in coming years. Internet-gaming traffic is forecast to grow globally by 55 per cent annually and account for 4 per cent of global IP traffic by 2022.

Screen age: How technology is delivering more efficient media distribution

Advances in computer networking and bandwidth along with high-capacity, low-cost storage have made producing, downloading and sharing video easier than ever.

Crestron’s one touch collaboration solution

Crestron were given the challenge of providing a tailored technology solution for Conrad Gargett, an Australian multi-disciplinary design practice – where team collaboration was key.

The merging of technology and humanity

Jul 31, 2019 AV Systems

Two decades ago, the idea of smartphones and connected wearable devices was science fiction. So what will we see in the next 20 years as the gap between technology and humans shortens even further? Integrate speaker, Alex James from PHD Media Australia has explored this very topic, which could see us implanting computer chips into our brains by 2040.

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