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Buying into AV Displays: The Retail Experience

Aug 21, 2017

Retail is about attracting attention, but James Ingram from AV installation and consultation firm Prendi, a major sponsor of this year’s Integrate, says retailers should think about what they want to achieve before splashing out on the latest trend.

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Changing Classrooms into Wonder Rooms

Aug 18, 2017

According to Prendi Managing Director James Ingram, the content and concept behind an AV install is just as important as the hardware that drives it. Ingram has a double degree in Business and Law, and believes AV has a large role to play in education. Books and blackboards no longer make the grade.

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Case Study: AV in Healthcare: Faster Connectivity, Higher Resolution

Aug 17, 2017

Healthcare demands the best AV infrastructure on the market, and Madison Technologies’ Ken Kyle has all the right prescriptions.

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How Ricoh is enabling visitors to experience the tomorrow’s world of work today

Aug 16, 2017

Visitors to the Ricoh booth, at Integrate 2017, will not only have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a series of zoned workplace environments demonstrating the latest collaborative technology but they will have also be able to view a showcase of innovations, including smart workplace technology which enables employees to work productively and collaboratively.

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Case Study: AV Solutions in the Hospitality Sector

Aug 14, 2017

With digital concierges and smart screens programmed to respond in a range of languages, hotel guests are experiencing a new level of service. Around the world, the hospitality industry is another area where AV is stepping up to deliver a better experience.

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ControlBridge™ – Complete Multisystem & Room Control

Aug 10, 2017

Use this comprehensive system to connect and control everything in conference rooms, classrooms, and control rooms: AV systems including projectors, sound, screens, and more; KVM systems; and room controls, such as lights and window shades.

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Emerging Trends in Collaboration

Aug 4, 2017

InfoComm 2017 previewed multiple trends emerging in the collaboration space which are changing the game for manufacturers, resellers and end-users. David Danto, Director of Emerging Technology, IMCCA takes at look at some of these UC trends and offers a taste of what will be discussed in the UC program at this year’s Integrate.

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AV Companies Need to Do Better in Dealing with Job Candidates

Jul 31, 2017

Scott Tiner started his career in the IT field. It was not until fifteen years ago, into his third job before he even realized there was an AV field. Since that time, he has been proud to call himself an AV guy. But with more competition than ever in attracting new talent, he reflects on what AV companies can do to make sure they are making the most of their recruitment opportunities.

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Integrate launches largest education program ever

Jul 31, 2017

Integrate has announced its largest ever education program offering over 100 different seminars and training sessions – and with only two weeks to go, it’s time to plan your visit.

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Borderless Trading is Challenging the Supply Industry and Undermining Consumers

Jul 30, 2017

The global borderless trading and e-Commerce reality is presenting a significant challenge to the bona-fide Australian entertainment technology supply and service industry. However, it can also negatively impact consumers who acquire systems, devices and services that are not covered by warranty, are not effectively serviced or supported, are non-compliant with Australian law, and are devoid of product and public liability insurance protection.

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