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What is an Assistive Technologist? (And how do I become one?)

Jul 28, 2020 Smart Building

The demand for high-tech alternatives for at-home care is rising, and with this the need for local smart home integrators. AV expert Paul Skelton delves into Austalia’s need for more of these specialist integrators and what the job involves.

TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets from Aurora

May 9, 2020 Smart Building

Ensure that individuals entering a location are not running a high temperature, Aurora introduces the new infrared temperature sensor/detector, providing a high temperature alert within 1 second. Purchase now from AV Supply Group.

Control every environment with Extron

Dec 10, 2019 Smart Building

Extron has announced the introduction of its new TLP Pro 300M is a 3.5″ portrait wall mount TouchLink® Pro Touchpanel. It is designed to control video, audio, lighting, shades, HVAC, security, and other systems within virtually any environment.

Finding the balance in workspace design

Dec 2, 2019 Smart Building

Balancing non-linear creativity with technology is essential in the next-generation of workplace design but requires a committed client brief to achieve the best outcomes.

The Explosive rise in collaborative workspaces

Oct 20, 2019 Smart Building

Recent research from Knight Frank showed the number of co-working spaces in Australia grew by 297% between 2013 and 2017, representing 0.6% of the nation’s office stock. It has been enabled by improvement in technology that allow workers to collaborate effectively from different locations.

Innovative Solution for the Hearing Impaired

How can integrated technologies help those with hearing impairments? Smart Home Solutions have created an innovative home solution, voted Best Innovative System 2019 by CEDIA.

Spotlight on commercial automation and IoT

Aug 7, 2019 Smart Building

Automation is expected to expand in the next decade, with advances in digital connectivity and the internet paving the way for a host of sophisticated, smart digital products that are connected and unified.

Why AV and co-working are perfect partners in business

May 24, 2019 Smart Building

The demand for flexible work has seen an explosive rise in collaborative workspaces. Smart AV providers can capitalise on the trend. Find out how one AV company is doing it successfully.

Automation sparks interest from new players

Feb 26, 2019 Smart Building

Several electrical accessory manufacturers have begun entering the home automation market. Connected Magazine’s, Cameron Grimes takes a look at some of the solutions on offer and how they might affect the custom channel.

The future to building a smart office oasis

Sep 10, 2018 Smart Building

Imagine the workplace to be a dream-haven, a place where systems flow, people integrate, productivity brims and short naps score you brownie points. It could actually be a reality.

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