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21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Integrate & AVIXA Tech Talks
21 - 23 August 2024

In 2024, the AVIXA and Integrate are combining to offer an exceptional learning experience that should not be missed. This program has a heightened emphasis on sustainability, real-time video analysis, and AI. The program provides essential training, the latest trends and insights in AV, and practical solutions to help bring innovation to life, to fully leverage the power of AV.

21 - 23 August 2024
ICC Sydney
9:00am - 5:00pm
From $170 + GST

2023 Program Overview

Wednesday 30th August 2023

After its inaugural success, the K-12 Conference is back, brought to you by the AETM and Integrate. Taking place on the morning of 30 August, before the main show floor opens, this event will offer a deep dive into the current AV education technologies on offer and how they can be applied to enhance classroom learning and engagement. N.B. This event is free for AETM members .

The AV industry has been uniquely affected post-pandemic. With a vastly different AV landscape, join expert AV leaders to discuss market changes, emerging trends and realistic insights into the application of AV products and solutions for channel growth.


The session will explore the new strategy and technology priorities that must follow the conclusion that we have moved to mainly a hybrid workplace.
As well as sharing the newest technology and the latest thinking on strategies to move forward in smart workplaces, the session will also bring together thought leaders and product innovators to move past the pandemic-related uncertainty to now chart specific courses of direction for companies, their integrators and their vendors.


This session will inspire you by exploring the latest, the most creative, and smartest use of digital signage. Our experts will share use cases that demonstrate how signage can inform, surprise, delight and add value in all sorts of applications, including, commercial, hospitality, retail, education and more. Hear from our experts how signage responds intelligently to its environment and the audience. Learn how AI is impacting the delivery of signage content to maximise relevance. See how curved signage and non-standard ratios are becoming an increasing part of the landscape. And, are those hugely impressive 3D effects we see on social media all they’re cracked up to be?

CTS 1 l CTS-D 1

In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the critical role that complete and accurate design documentation plays in engineering projects. You will learn how to interpret architectural drawings and terminology, and the methodology used to create the necessary project documents. This knowledge will enable you to create high-quality design and engineering documents that meet project requirements.

This session discuss the wide adoption of pro-AV technology in Education Institutions in the recent years, critical trends of digital classrooms to follow in 2023, and many more.


As the world becomes increasingly aware of the urgent need for environmental stewardship, the AV industry has a crucial role to play in driving sustainable change. What can clients, consultants, manufacturers, distributors and Integrators do to drive a more sustainable future? This panel brings together experts and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds to discuss the practical aspects and transformative potential of sustainability in AV.
Through engaging conversations, and real-life examples, we will delve into topics such as prioritising sustainability in decision-making, adopting sustainable practices, embrace circular economy principles, promoting
sustainable products and services, and collaborating for sustainability.


Thursday 31st August 2023

Join us for an empowering panel discussion focused on "Leadership Styles and Building Spaces for Women to Thrive" in the AV industry.
Discover diverse leadership styles and strategies that promote inclusivity, support professional growth, and create opportunities for women to thrive in the AV industry. Our panel of accomplished leaders will share their experiences, insights, and best practices for navigating the challenges within the industry.
Through engaging conversations, personal stories, and practical advice, we will explore topics such as mentorship, negotiation skills, and fostering an inclusive work environment. This panel discussion aims to inspire and empower the AV industry to lift barriers, embrace unique leadership styles, and create spaces where women can excel and make a lasting impact.

Running a Professional AV company is hard work, just look at the myriad of small businesses and the very few large ones in it. This fragmentation at a global level shows how difficult it is to scale past key revenue levels. It is an industry where many of the most powerful players in the industry aren’t active members in the industry. This presentation talks to the business of AV – quality, security, risk, terms, cashflow, talent, contracts, insurance and leadership. In an industry that has such a variety of small businesses, it is our collective responsibility to bring in and build talent, run successful and inspiring companies, and ultimately build a better industry for everyone in it, because this is a great industry.

Prior to the pandemic, the dominant model for university learning environments was the so-called lecture capture system providing a recording of slides and speaker microphone. During the pandemic, classes moved to a 100% online mode providing real time streaming, camera, and digital interaction. Returning to campus, the new status quo is a retrofit webcam to enable livestream video calls: a stopgap solution with poor student attendance. In this talk, we present a new paradigm build around a studio model: seating is limited more akin to a studio audience, and rather than 300 empty seats, resources are spent on futuristic AV that provides a digital embodiment for remote participants.

As businesses evolve, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we work, collaborate, and engage with technology. This panel brings together industry experts and visionaries to explore the impact of AI on technologies and the workplace of tomorrow.
Through engaging conversations and real-world examples, we will delve into the transformative potential of AI. From AI-powered automation and machine learning algorithms to intelligent chatbots and augmented reality applications, we will uncover how these advancements are enhancing productivity, and creating new opportunities for collaboration.

With more devices connected to the network, increased wireless access, and greater content and data volume, the complexity and number of end points to secure becomes daunting. Identify the biggest challenges for AV networks and learn how to prepare a risk-based security strategy to reduce or mitigate threats.

In today's digital age, universities face unique challenges in providing optimal audio experiences for a wide range of applications, from lectures and presentations to performances and online learning. This panel brings together industry experts and experienced AV professionals to explore the complexities and solutions associated with audio and acoustics in educational settings. Through discussions and real-life scenarios, we will delve into topics such as designing acoustically optimized spaces, overcoming technical limitations, ensuring audio clarity in large lecture halls, integrating cutting-edge audio technologies, and addressing the unique needs of online learning environments. Attendees will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance their audio and acoustic setups while improving the overall educational experience for students and faculty.

Are you ready to upgrade to the most advanced wireless networking technology available? Wi-Fi 6 is the way to go, with significant improvements in efficiency, battery usage, multiple client access, and data throughput. And with the introduction of Wi-Fi 6E, you can now avoid interference and potentially maximise data rates even further. Join us to learn why Wi-Fi 6 is the future of wireless technology and how to ensure your infrastructure is ready for the upgrade. We'll also discuss why most client devices will experience the same performance on both Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the game in 2023 and beyond!

This session is specifically designed to explore practical approaches and innovative solutions for promoting sustainability within the AV industry. As the global push for environmental conservation intensifies, the AV industry has a pivotal role to play in minimizing its ecological footprint. This panel brings together industry experts, sustainability advocates, and technology leaders to discuss actionable strategies for greening AV operations and practices.

Friday 1st September 2023

Calling out to all AV marketers who are keen to exchange ideas and discuss latest marketing trends! In this meetup, we will share the key highlights and top line findings of a survey conducted by AVIXA, with AV marketers.

A panel discussion with a cohort of AV marketing leaders in the region, will discuss some of these pressing challenges, new priorities, digital and content strategies and measurement techniques that they would like to Keep, Swap or Avoid during 2023 and beyond.

Having debated what’s hot and what’s not, you’ll be able to make connections and exchange details over coffee.

AV is a hidden career opportunity for TAFE students studying Information Technology, Electronics & Communication, Live Production & Tech Services, or Screen & Media. Hear from AV leaders about the work opportunities and career paths in this $4B industry, and how they align to your studies and passions. This will then be widened out into a Q&A session with students, teachers and AV employers.

In this business we constantly remind ourselves that we suspend, lift and move significant gear over performers and audiences, making the issue of fit-for-purpose - gear & people - paramount. If it’s installed, you (the Venue) own it; if it goes wrong, you also own the outcome. This Session discusses the roles of staging technology designers, engineers, integrators, installers, the importance of maintenance - and adds some well-seasoned, non-brand-specific advice. (Some takeaway notes will be provided at the Session).

This course explores the benefits of HDMI 2.1 for custom installers beyond just pixel count. Participants will gain a better understanding of HDMI distribution, learn how to distribute HDMI 2.1 signals in real-world settings, and understand the differences between HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 2.1. The course also covers the technical aspects of working with high bandwidth video signaling, providing insight into the whys and how's of proper HDMI 2.1 distribution.

External meetings come without guarantees of interoperability, putting your users at the mercy of the meeting host’s infrastructure. To provide a first-class user experience in your conference requires next level infrastructure. During this session, the panel will discuss the steps you can take in your company to ensure you are delivering the best conference experience possible across multiple platforms.

2023 Speakers

N.B. Program subject to change

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