30 Aug-1 Sep 2023
ICC, Sydney


5 TAKEAWAYS | AVIXA Women’s Council Keynote Session

The AVIXA Women’s Council is a global network platform enabling female professionals in the AV and technology industry to meet, to learn, find mentors and empower each other. How will the Women’s Council group open new paths to grow careers? How can you get involved to lead a local group in your city? What are […]

The workplace of the future’s legal considerations

Dec 20, 2019 Networks

The increasingly tense intersection between technology and privacy in the workplace is an issue requiring ongoing monitoring by C.I.O.s and Boards of Directors. But as technology is used more widely in offices, what are the legal ramifications and what part will AV and AI play?

AV over IP on the rise

Aug 9, 2019 Networks

Markets such as broadcasting, post-production, corporate, education, medical, security and houses of worship are expected to benefit from the many advantages of new technologies that enable video and sound signals to be sent through standard IT networks.

Unlock the next level of customer experience

May 15, 2019 Networks

Teleportivity understands that a one-size-fits-all approach to live support never truly cuts it, introducing their Live Support System for Pro-AV.

5G is on its way

Mar 25, 2019 Networks

5G is on its way, in one form or another. CEDIA Director of Technical Content and regular contributor to Connected Magazine, David Meyer explains the short and long term vision for mobile technology in Australia.

Get with the Protocol: Why we’re still talking about AV over IP

Mar 20, 2019 Networks

It seems like we’ve been talking about AV over IP for as long as internet protocols have existed but with new players entering the market, such as Extron, who soft launched their solution at Integrate last year, and customer expectations on the rise, the discussion over transmission of audio-visual data over a network continues to be the industry’s dominant trend.

Last-generation NBN may soon be overtaken by 5G

May 14, 2018 Networks

Australia’s $50 billion National Broadband Network is due for completion by 2020, but it may already be on the road to obsolescence.

Cablers can be kings

Jul 17, 2017 Networks

With the roll out of the NBN across the network, it’s not just the consumers that are confused. The Australian Registered Cablers’, Kevin Fothergill, dicsusses how cablers can capitalise on the arrival of the NBN and reclaim their place in this game of (cable) thrones.

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