Unified Communications

How secure is your conference call?

Conferencing and collaboration platforms can create an open channel to users’ conferencing systems and users’ computers, often bypassing security within an organization. But are these cloud based services putting your business at risk? And how can you protect your company from unwanted malware in the age of cloud collaboration?

Step back to see the big picture

Nothing is safe from the digital revolution, even a good old fashioned brainstorm. ELB is helping you to move beyond the familiar process of collaborating with sticky notes and flip charts with new interactive technologies that allow you to engage with your audience in ways that are truly intuitive and collaborative. 

Lightning fast video wall

In the race to deliver the fastest video over IP product, Lightning from iMAGsystems is arguably one of the fastest available on the market, today. Using Blue River NT technology from AptoVision, Lightning is delivering zero-latency hi resolution digital videos from the courtroom to operating theatre.

Collaboration boards made easy

The HDi PCAP 360 is the latest in the HDi range of touch screen technologies providing end users with an exciting new alternative in the collaborative board space. HDi partnered with Madison Technologies to launch the new product range at last year’s Integrate show in Melbourne.

A Definitive Guide To Outfitting Your Smaller Collaboration Spaces

Ten to twenty years ago people would gather in large rooms in one or maybe two buildings to hold meetings. Today however, most meetings take place with distributed participants. Some are in conference rooms, some are at their desk, some are working from home, and some are in transit.  All of these people need to be able to connect and collaborate effectively and a growing number of people now manage to use their mobile device or PC to join a meeting, but many are still in an office – in much smaller groups.

Huddle, Meet, Go

In the age of connectivity, meetings are not hindered by location. The flexible workplace has now been adopted by many businesses in Australia and it’s working. Employees are happier, productivity is up, and it’s actually reducing waste and environmental footprint.

Case Study: AV Solutions in the Hospitality Sector

With digital concierges and smart screens programmed to respond in a range of languages, hotel guests are experiencing a new level of service. Around the world, the hospitality industry is another area where AV is stepping up to deliver a better experience.

Emerging Trends in Collaboration

InfoComm 2017 previewed multiple trends emerging in the collaboration space which are changing the game for manufacturers, resellers and end-users. David Danto, Director of Emerging Technology, IMCCA takes at look at some of these UC trends and offers a taste of what will be discussed in the UC program at this year’s Integrate.

Hills to launch Revolabs Yamaha CS-700 at Integrate

Hills will launch Revolabs’ highly anticipated Yamaha-branded CS-700 huddle room system to the ANZ market at Integrate 2017. The CS-700 bundles all the necessary meeting room requirements into a single device, incorporating USB, VoIP and Bluetooth connectivity with speakers, microphones and content sharing. Keep the table clutter free and achieve superb video/sound integration with the CS-700. 

The state of the UCC industry

Despite being dismissed as a “marketing buzzword” the unified communication and collaboration (UCC) industry is the fastest growing sector in IT today that will hit $25b in value this year.