21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Unified Communications

The Flexible Future of Workspaces

With dispersed teams continuously rotating between being at home or the office, maximizing the space you’re in, wherever that may be, has become vital in staying connected, creative and productive as part of a forward-thinking modern workforce. In essence, all of us now have a new set of eyes and ears. “It’s not what you’ve […]

Poly introduces room solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Explore the new solutions from Poly which include audio and video tools to deliver meeting experiences for users on Microsoft Teams.

Crestron Flex MX: A New Standard in Collaboration

No more hunting for different conference rooms for different types of meetings on different kinds of platforms. Flex MX supports both native, one-touch join for Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms™ software and BYOD for all other platform software; all with just one room.

Renewed focus on collaboration as demand for remote working grows

Work habits have changed and the demand for remote working is on the rise. Driven by our geographical location, changes in working culture and more recently, global events, advances in collaboration technology have never been more relevant.

Introducing Bose Work

Bose Work solutions bring the simplicity and clarity of Bose to the boardroom with conferencing and unified communications products.

Clickshare Conference from Barco

Barco welcome a new member to their Clickshare family, bringing closer collaboration and immersive conference experience.

Why no one is using that collaboration system

Collaboration is AV ‘s biggest buzzword. It’s been used to describe everything from wireless screen sharing to interactive flat panels to teleconferencing to cloud-based file sharing apps. But successful implementation isn’t always about technology, sometimes it can have some very human flaws rendering huddle spaces ghost towns

Should Marketing and IT departments merge?

With the increasing confluence between marketing and IT, will we see a merging of these roles in the future and what does that mean for AV teams?

G Suite: Focus on what matters

Google have introduced new assistive features in G Suite to help businesses focus on what matters.

The status of the Collaboration Technology Market: 2019 and beyond

According to the latest industry research conducted by Integrate, the Collaboration Technology market in Australia and New Zealand is rapidly evolving in the AV category and is expected to experience strong growth and demand in the next five years.

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