21-23 Aug 2024
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The Flexible Future of Workspaces

When it comes to the new way of working and how millions of us are entering into a brave new world of hybrid spaces, never has the above quote felt so on point.

With dispersed teams continuously rotating between being at home or the office, maximizing the space you’re in, wherever that may be, has become vital in staying connected, creative and productive as part of a forward-thinking modern workforce. In essence, all of us now have a new set of eyes and ears.

“It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you use that makes a difference.” – Zig Ziglar, American author and motivational speaker

So, for example, whether people are sitting in their bedroom, kitchen or dining room, or at the office in any number of different rooms, spaces or places in-between, the key to businesses successfully forging ahead in these ever-evolving times entails choosing the right video device for the appropriate space.

Video across all available spaces

With exchange on video becoming second nature for most of us, people now expect video to be installed across all available spaces to fully connect with their teammates and others however they like, from whatever location they need to. Not only to keep everyone in sync while building and preserving company culture but also out of concern for people’s wellbeing. We all need social contact after all

There are so many options to consider when it comes to choosing the right kind of space for you. Visit us at the Neat stand for inspiration and expertise on setting up a range of different spaces, or click on the spaces listed below to experience each one virtually. You’ll discover Neat’s pioneering capabilities such as Neat Symmetry, Neat Sense, Neat Bubble and Neat Boundary. Among other things, they encourage and promote better equality, inclusiveness, safety and clarity throughout all your distributed spaces and virtual meetings.

  • Home
  •  Focus
  •  Huddle
  •  Meeting
  •  Video centered
  •  Social
  •  Open office
  •  Workshop
  •  Large
  • Classroom / Training
  • Hallway

Picking the right device just got easier

Besides offering world-class audio and video quality, all our devices are simple to install, and set up and use. In other words, you’ll be up and running in no time. Therefore, even when repurposing less work-oriented areas like your cafeteria into a high-energy social and collaborative space to better support new hybrid work patterns, leveraging Neat devices within that space couldn’t be more straightforward.

Ultimately, designing for employee engagement in any digital-to-physical space means almost thinking like a movie director – lights, camera, audio, content. With video calls now happening everywhere, from more traditional meeting rooms to exciting new workspaces, including relaxed recreational environments, you must encourage people to look, feel and be at their best, whether on work mode or off guard, regardless of where they are.

By presenting your remote and in-office employees with powerful tools purposefully designed to fit into any number of small to medium and large work-intense, communal or transit spaces, you’re offering them the freedom for greater engagement, equality and inclusiveness to seamlessly interact and achieve their goals. In a nutshell, healthier company camaraderie, focus and efficiency equals healthier company assets and profit. And that’s truly where the flexible future of workspaces benefits all.

To discover how to get the most out of your Zoom or Microsoft Teams hybrid spaces come and say hello to the Neat team at stand B55 at Integrate or visit neat.no. If you haven’t already register now to experience real world innovation at Integrate 2022!
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