Digital Signage & Engagement

In the spotlight: James Ingram

James Ingram has come a long way from his roots in the world of accountancy. But it was his passion for digital media, photography and technology that lured him into the world of digital content. So when James saw an opportunity to combine his experience and passion, he resigned from his job in a top tier accounting firm and started Prendi. We chat to James about what influence digital content will have on our lives, and why it has left a lasting impact on his.

Because one screen is never enough

Video walls are becoming more commonplace. Where once they were confirmed to workplaces and, control centres, they can now be found in public spaces, schools and even our homes. Now Corsair are making multiscreen control even easier with the introduction of their C3-540 video wall processor.

Retail therapy gains digital edge

It used to be all about immaculate curated window displays, but today’s tech savvy retails are turning to digital solutions to help drive customer interaction. With motion sensors and increased opportunity for interactive displays, IAdea Media players are bringing instore activations to life.

Vuepix shines bright at the Australian Open

You’ve probably seen hundreds of images on Instagram over summer, but the now iconic AO sign is just one way Vuepix Q series technology, distributed by ULA Group, helps create lasting visual experiences at live events across the nation.

Redefine High-end visual display with Sony’s Canvas for Creativity

Using ultrafine LED’s in a unique surface mounting structure as its light source, Sony will be highlighting their display capabilities in a big way at Integrate 2018 by showcasing the Crystal LED Integrated Structures (CLEDIS).

Samsung brings the power and impact of LED outdoors

As more businesses turn to LED signage to distinguish themselves in crowded settings, Samsung’s XAF Series displays bring the power and impact of LED outdoors. The XAF Series displays are engineered to deliver essential business content to external audiences regardless of surrounding environmental or lighting conditions, and are durably designed to perform over extended periods of use.

Buying into AV Displays: The Retail Experience

Retail is about attracting attention, but James Ingram from AV installation and consultation firm Prendi, a major sponsor of this year’s Integrate, says retailers should think about what they want to achieve before splashing out on the latest trend.

Case Study: AV in Healthcare: Faster Connectivity, Higher Resolution

Healthcare demands the best AV infrastructure on the market, and Madison Technologies’ Ken Kyle has all the right prescriptions.

The augmented reality boom will transform phones (and business)

With lasers, holograms and more, smartphone makers are scrambling to optimize devices. One use that’s coming soon: augmented reality collaboration.

Case Study: Smart AV Solutions for Retail

A retail business is centred around its brand, and presenting that brand to the public in the most visually attractive way is paramount to a healthy bottom line. Despite the rise of online shopping, offline remains popular. So what does the store of the future look like and what is on the market today that can get us to fully immersive customer interactions.