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Digital Signage: Insights into the evolving market

Dec 16, 2019

Driven by technological innovation, LED Video Display products and Content Design are expected to enjoy strong demand over the next two years.

By: Dominic Bailey

The global Digital Signage market is showing steady growth. The market was estimated to be worth US$18.55 billion ($27.47 billion) last year and is expected to reach US$31.75 billion ($47.02 billion) by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate of about 8 per cent between 2019-2025. The Asia- Pacific region is expected to experience the most significant growth to 2025.

Global market growth is largely being driven by the advent of new hardware technologies, particularly display technologies such as fine-pixel LED and OLED Video Displays and Electronic Paper Displays.

These technologies, some of which are now interactive, have greatly enhanced the delivery of advertising content, allowing companies to more specifically, target consumer interest.

Key trends affecting Digital Signage

The most commonly identified trend is towards increased interactivity in Digital Signage products. This includes technologies such as touch-screen displays and interactive kiosks, which are thought to be highly effective at matching customer preferences for products and services.

The next most common product trends (from most significant to least significant) are Video Walls, Incorporating More Video, Incorporating More AR/VR and MicroLEDs and Rollable Screens.


Overall, the survey highlights an expected strong demand for LED Video Display products and an associated strong demand for engaging Content Design in the next two years.

Technology innovations continue to be a driving factor for market demand – especially important innovations in LED and OLED Video Display Screens.

Enhanced Interactivity and Video Walls are also set to be key trends in the AV industry, spurring market trade and demand as video dominates the Digital Signage landscape.

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