30 Aug-1 Sep 2023
ICC, Sydney

Entertainment Technology

Esports: The revolution will be gamified

The recent webinar panel discussion hosted by AVIXA, ““Esports: Looking to the Future in the Post-COVID-19 World”, brought together AV industry experts to share their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges in the esports space under current circumstances and in a post-COVID-19 world, Loanna Overcash reports on the discussion.

Haptics: A ‘touchy’ story

Haptics create the touch experience for remote or virtual control, and could even allow surgeons to be trained without risk.

Fireworks in debate: Part 2

Last month, we discussed various councils plans to hold or cancel fireworks displays among fear from constituents that they could spark new fires. In part 2 of this report, we will look at the opportunity for AV professionals to help alleviate some of the growing concerns through new approaches to production.

Superior video resolution from Harman

MadisonAV introduces the all new HARMAN AMX Enova DVX Presentation Switchers.

100% that Sound

Over 20 channels of Sennheiser Digital 6000 were deployed at last month’s GRAMMY Awards in a the first ‘end-to-end’ Digital Signal Chain for vocal mics.

Fireworks in debate: Part 1

In this two part investigation we look at how advances in projection mapping can enhance pyrotechnical displays, or even replace them in bushfire-prone areas during summer.

VR to reduce pain for hospitalised children

A pilot program using VR headsets to distract children during hospital operations has been launched by Lenovo and the Starlight Children’s Foundation as an alternative to using general anaesthetic.

How business is joining the AI dance

At lightning speed, immersive technologies such as AR and VR are moving beyond proof of concept to proof of value. They’re shortening learning curves and improving business outcomes. Is your business capitalising on this change?

UAVs: Game of Drones

New developments are paving the way for widespread adoption of drones in AV applications, particularly when it comes to events.

E-sports and live events level up

The video gaming and e-sports (multiplayer electronic games played competitively for spectators) sector is expected to grow exponentially in coming years. Internet-gaming traffic is forecast to grow globally by 55 per cent annually and account for 4 per cent of global IP traffic by 2022.

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