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Future Vision – Inspirational disruption in light

Technology is causing a shift in work practices and operations throughout the lighting sector. Luckily, there are resources at hands to help practitioners adapt. Here’s how.

Design for live

Allen & Heath has earned an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and ease of use in live venues right across the globe. From standalone mixers or a distributed, integrated system that handles every aspect of the audio life of the venue, their solutions and their flagship mixing system, dLive can handle every aspect of a live venue’s audio life.

Exploring the future of projection mapping for architecture

Around 10 years ago, the images on the Sydney Opera House for the Vivid Festival set new standards in projection mapping and delighted crowds. A decade later, the industry is challenged with how to deliver the next wave of awe-inspiring projections as the public becomes used to the product that current technology can deliver.

Audinate accelerates digital AV

When it comes to large scale audio-visual setups, there are a range of issues that can occur that can threaten the integrity of the entire network. Which is why Audinate created Dante, a revolutionary new multi-channel digital media networking technology that eliminates most of the issues that can compromise a high-end audio setup.

Lighting up Auckland

If you’ve been on the other side of the ditch recently, you may have seen a nighttime illumination of a greener kind, as the Auckland Harbour Bridge was transformed by the launch of Vector Lights. Yet while lighting up structures is not a new phenomenon, what is remarkable about this installation is that it features a renewable energy technology powered light show that bridges the gap between art, culture and the latest innovations in sustainable lighting.

How gaming will impact the future of the audio-visual industry

The video game industry has evolved dramatically since the days of Mario dashing through the Mushroom Kingdom in the 1980s. Modern gaming systems boast hardware that can produce lifelike graphics and levels of immersion never before seen, which has led to a dramatic rise in the number of households taking it up as commonplace. However, this progression in technology means gamers need—and demand—stronger AV solutions to get the most out of their machines and the overall user experience.

The AV behind Drake’s Boy Meets World tour

Grammy-Award winning artist Drake toured his record breaking Boy Meets World tour around Australia and New Zealand. As a massive influence in the hip-hop and contemporary music space and the most streamed artist on Spotify and Apple Music, Drake has never not been in the Hot 100 charts since debuting in the Billboard Hot 100 in 2009 and he brought a show to match.

International code of practice for entertainment rigging now available

ESTA and PLASA announce the release of an International Code of Practice for Entertainment Rigging (ICOPER) which is available as a free download via the ESTA and PLASA websites.

Borderless Trading is Challenging the Supply Industry and Undermining Consumers

The global borderless trading and e-Commerce reality is presenting a significant challenge to the bona-fide Australian entertainment technology supply and service industry. However, it can also negatively impact consumers who acquire systems, devices and services that are not covered by warranty, are not effectively serviced or supported, are non-compliant with Australian law, and are devoid of product and public liability insurance protection.

AO – The Story Behind the Logo

“…The AO installation became a cornerstone of our international brand roll-out and it captivated our audiences with its sheer size and stunning imagery.”  Jo Juler- Head of Marketing-AO   As part of their pitch for the rebranding of the Australian Open, Landor, Tennis Australia’s chosen branding agency, created a video rendering of their proposed logo.  […]

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