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Is the AV industry getting soft?

Nov 30, 2018 AV Systems

Technology is an ever-changing environment, and the world of AV technology is no different. Change allows technology industries to thrive, given that the people working in the industry see it for the opportunity it represents and so are today’s techies equipped with the soft skills they need?

AV in Hospitality: The Push For Better Hotel Connectivity

Oct 10, 2018 AV Systems

We live in a world where connectivity has replaced hardware at technology’s cutting edge. Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa have displaced Wi- Fi and Bluetooth as the new ‘must-haves’ for the connected human but how is this technological revolution changing our lives outside of our homes and offices – and more importantly is it keeping up?

Healthcare and AV – Better Health through Technology

Aug 10, 2018 AV Systems

AV for healthcare is a major vertical for Sony, with the NUCLeUS platform for operating theatres and the Stellar Vision system for hospital wards.

Biophilia: AV and Digital Bring Nature into the Corporate Environment

Jul 20, 2018 AV Systems

We spend a lot of our lives indoors. It’s a situation serious enough to warrant new design trends, and AV is playing a big role in its development.

Smarter lighting, smarter working. The importance of LED luminaires and their IoT capabilities

May 24, 2018 AV Systems

An integral part of a smart building is smart lighting, with connected technology that can manage energy consumption and provide lighting at times when it is needed.

Sydney Adventist Hospital – SAN Integrated Cancer Centre

May 7, 2018 AV Systems

From boardroom to war room, AV technology joins the fight against cancer at Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Is there a difference in quality between wired and wireless AV systems?

Mar 29, 2018 AV Systems

The gentle art of cable management has always been one of the critical skills required by AV integrators. Wired devices have always been favoured over wireless ones, because common complaints are that wireless technology mean a sacrifice in audio and video quality — but is that necessarily true?

Exploring the new realities of audio visual at Integrated Systems Europe 2018

Feb 23, 2018 AV Systems

“Hey Siri, can you please open the door for my mother and dim the lights a bit? I’m at work, thank you.” It’s likely something from a science fiction film, but according to technology experts at the recent Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam, it’s also becoming a rapidly forming reality.

ICC Invests big in technology and digital infrastructure

Feb 20, 2018 AV Systems

International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) has expanded its technology infrastructure with a further investment of A$1million in new industry-leading AV equipment, bolstering its world class event delivery capabilities.

AV Companies Need to Do Better in Dealing with Job Candidates

Jul 31, 2017 AV Systems

Scott Tiner started his career in the IT field. It was not until fifteen years ago, into his third job before he even realized there was an AV field. Since that time, he has been proud to call himself an AV guy. But with more competition than ever in attracting new talent, he reflects on what AV companies can do to make sure they are making the most of their recruitment opportunities.

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