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Getting the most out of your digital signage

Apr 19, 2021

There’s no doubt that panel innovations have changed the advertising and retail landscape. To help new end users make the most of their newly acquired displays, we talk to Emily Ingram, Co-Owner and Marketing Manager of Fusion Signage, to share her top tips on how to get to most out of your digital signage.

Outline your strategy

Having a digital signage strategy will ensure you – and your audience – get the most out of your investment. A thorough digital signage strategy should include all aspects of your solution, including purpose, location, content, software, hardware & ongoing support.

Emily recommends starting by asking yourself what kind of experience you want to create for your audience. “Is the purpose for your digital signage to inform, engage, entertain or simply to add ambience?” she asks. “Knowing your purpose, the end-result you’re striving for, is key in defining what the right digital experience is for you.”

From here, the location that you’re working with will help determine the quantity and placement of hardware.

“If you’re unsure of the most strategic way to place your digital signage, we recommend talking to a digital signage agency who understands the full solution and can advise on all areas of your strategy. Alternatively, talk to your hardware integrator.”

Next, and the most important aspect of your digital signage strategy, is your content plan. This is vital in understanding your ongoing content requirements, allowing you to properly plan and budget ahead of time. The content strategy should be tailored to your target audience, your brand, high traffic zones, opening hours and the placement of your hardware within your space.

Use engaging content

With the right content, your customer experience is enhanced. As moving content is proven to catch attention faster, and will hold attention for longer, Emily recommends using animation and video where possible on signage.

“If you don’t have access to animations or videos, use striking photography of your products/brand and slowly work to build up a library of engaging content. Most content management systems allow you to build content, using pre-made templates or free stock imagery, within the platform. This may be something to keep in mind when choosing your CMS,” she adds.

Sometimes standard imagery or video isn’t enough, and you need more unique content sent to your screens. This may be in the way of websites or RSS feeds, complete custom contentor touchscreen content. As a first port of call, get in touch with your content management provider and see if they are able to integrate the type of unique content you need, or whether they can develop custom features to allow you to do what you need.

Increasingly bricks and mortar retail is turning to digital signage to capture foot traffic.

3. Choose a simple yet powerful CMS

Choosing the right content management system can make or break your digital signage experience. Too many times customers are sold an expensive, overpowered system that requires a degree to operate.

According to the Fusion team, the right CMS should:

  • Make managing your digital signage content easy and efficient; allowing you to spend more time on your business.
  • Give you the confidence that you’re paying for a cost-effective yet powerful solution; the features you need, yet without the clutter of advanced options that you will never use.
  • Not need hours of training to understand the interface; it should be a stress-free experience that you and your staff can easily handle.
  • Be backed by a motivated team who are continually developing the software to suit your growing needs. Plus, backed by reputable resellers who will be there to support your installation and experience.
Fusion Signage and their sister brand Prendi are an official partner of Integrate and will be exhibiting at the 2021 event in July. You can find more information on their products and services here.
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