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New Challenge for a Digital Era

Mar 5, 2020

AVIXA have announced the launch of a global design competition aimed at showcasing the talents and increasing important role of creative content designers who are bringing life to digital canvasses.

AV technology has broken out of the boardroom, classroom and workplace to become part of the wider landscape. The canvas for AV work can be anywhere and anything, as technology and what it can achieve becomes part of the wider environment.

Projection mapping is an obvious example of the creativity that is now part of the AV landscape but there are amazing things being done in digital signage that are pushing the boundaries of retail; and AV technology is changing the face of hospitality and education likewise. Theme parks have always been a crucible for creativity and ideas that began life there are now entering the mainstream.

Creative content designers are the storytellers behind the scenes bringing AV systems to life in public and entertainment venues around the world. The pairing of creative content and AV technology is vital to create these amazing integrated experiences and in response AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association have launched the AVIXA Digital Art Challenge

Celebrating creativity

The challenge will celebrate the talent and skills of content creators, a growing community within the AV world, by spotlighting the art and the artists they truly are – with winners to be announced at ISE 2021.

The contest is open to all digital artists – students and professionals. Participants in the contest are tasked with creating a 1-minute video with audio that creatively illustrates a theme visualizing the combination of art and technology in a way that enhances the human experience. Entries for the Digital Art Challenge opened on 11 February this year and the winning entries will be displayed at ISE 2021 in Barcelona, 2-5 February.

Being recognized as an AVIXA DAC winner will demonstrate on an international stage the calibre of work and talents. Each winner’s work will be prominently showcased in the AVIXA DAC pavilion at the ISE 2021 trade show in Barcelona, Spain, where AVIXA will employ interactive technology and large screen LED walls to enhance the impact and experience.

How to enter

If you are a design student, design school, freelancer, or design firm, AVIXA encourages you to enter the contest with your own original work for a chance to shine.

The contest is open to creative design students and professionals in both schools and firms.

Contestants are tasked with creating a 1 minute video (still or motion) with audio that creatively illustrates the contest theme: Together, we can change the way people experience the world.

Entries will be selected as finalists by a panel of judges from a cross section of the art and AV industries. All finalists will be published on the AVIXA DAC website for public display and voting. Category winners will be selected by popular vote and awarded by AVIXA at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show in Barcelona.

You can find out more about the Digital Art Challenge and AVIXA here.
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