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Clickshare Conference from Barco

Feb 4, 2020

Barco welcome a new member to their Clickshare family, bringing closer collaboration and immersive conference experience.

Clickshare is Barco’s wireless presentation and conferencing technology, and this month Barco announced a new addition to the family, ClickShare Conference. This expansion aims to bring a closer collaboration and immersive conferencing experience to its users.

ClickShare Conference features

Barco is promoting the new ClickShare Conference as “triple-agnostic,” meaning that it lets users decide how they want to collaborate, on their own laptop, in any meeting space, it works alongside the users own conferencing platforms.

They have also integrated new UCC-facing features to an all-new ClickShare Collaboration app, which you can enjoy while using the button, accessible via the additional Quick Button, allowing you to share the room content remotely, pausing content, ideation, moderation and the control of AV equipment in the room. With the ClickShare Collaboration App, you can connect to the meeting room thanks to presence detection from your laptop or mobile device and have immediate access to wireless presenting.

The new ClickShare Conference range consists of three different models: the entry-level CX-20, the CX-30 and the high-end CX-50. The CX-20 is designed for huddle pods and small meeting rooms. The CX-30 is for standard meeting rooms and adds a set of interactivity features such as touchback support, moderation, black-boarding and annotation. The high-end CX-50 is for large meeting rooms and adds an AV collaboration experience with better audio and video quality; it offers the best possibilities to integrate into your IT or AV environment.

ClickShare Conference fits in your network, whether you connect the unit directly to the company network or whether you set up your own VLAN. Using our XMS management dashboard, you can easily manage and update your units, and you get insights into behavior in the workplace. All units feature Barco’s SmartCare offering, including five years of warranty, advanced access to Barco’s helpdesk and a license to the XMS Insights module.

Read the original article rAVe Publications here, and find out more about Clickshare on the Barco website.
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