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May 15, 2019

Teleportivity understands that a one-size-fits-all approach to live support never truly cuts it, introducing their Live Support System for Pro-AV.

Teleportivity is a live cloud video help desk communication system, giving your company face-to-face live support and enabling your customer experience to be at its best possible.  Their live support experience just reached another level with the Instant Live support system for Pro-AV.

Teleportivity’s patented ‘print-and-place’ solutions allows you to create and deploy thousands of unique QR/FC/Web Links that can be placed in any space or on any object. When scanned through a mobile device (with no app needed), each code directs customers to its own bespoke website customised to reflect any branding, and made just for the situation.

Place one in a boardroom, and your customers can get customised session materials and specific tech support. Or you might use a portable screen, and your technician can access installation information customised to that single geographic site.  From live remote help sessions, surveys to tutorial videos, Teleportivity have every base covered when it comes to virtual support.

Did you know that 30-70% of service issues are user related? And the vast majority of these issues still require on-site diagnosis to resolve or redirect the issue. The Instant Live Service Support System means that help can come to a customer from anywhere in the world with its virtual reality help desk, available onsite instantly, and with the ability to be working with multiple customers simultaneously.

This system has the ability to  integrate with API’s, complement managed service programs and platforms, and most convenient of all, can be set up and ready to print unique QR codes, NFC tags or weblinks in under 15 minutes.

Interested in upgrading your customer experience? Visit Teleportivity’s website for more information, and speak to them this year at Integrate 2019! Register online for free now.
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