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21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Get with the Protocol: Why we’re still talking about AV over IP

Mar 20, 2019

It seems like we’ve been talking about AV over IP for as long as internet protocols have existed but with new players entering the market, such as Extron, who soft launched their solution at Integrate last year, and customer expectations on the rise, the discussion over transmission of audio-visual data over a network continues to be the industry’s dominant trend.

In fact, according to the Integrate 2018 ANZ Industry Research Report, with 95 per cent of respondents predicting it to have a big impact in the next five years.

“AV-over-IP will be THE THING that everyone talks about all year long,” says Gary Kayye, Founder of rAVe Publications and the rAVe Agency. “There is little doubt in my mind that 2019 will be the year the ProAV market transitions primarily from traditional signal routing and distribution to AV-over-IP.”

According to Kayye, if you aren’t already familiar with routing and distributing systems over an IP network, you need to be. “In talking with some major system designers, every single project they have where they are doing facility-wide or campus-wide design projects, they are specifying AV-over-IP.”

Why you should consider AV over IP?

There are many advantages that AV over IP has over traditional wired AV solutions, here are some of the major benefits that businesses can reap from making the switch.

Less cords = less maintenance

AV setups in office, corporate or even home environments require lots of cords to send data. Cords are fallible, consumable and costly over time. They can also be a hazard and a lot of work needs to be put into cord management, including modifications to your building. Using your LAN, WAN or internet to send this data eliminates all of these hassles.

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Traditional AV systems have limited displays, depending on how many inputs are available. By using your local network you have virtually limitless scope in terms of the volume of displays.

AV/IP meets your needs

Custom and tailored AV solutions for home and business can be limited by traditional AV setups. Often there will be compromises where the needs are altered to meet the limitations of the technology. Wireless transmission of data means your goals are only limited by your imagination.


With a tangle of cords and ageing technology, future business needs may be restricted by redundant technology. By using your network to transmit data you have much greater scope to send larger packets of information in the future.

Integrate exhibitors introducing AV over IP

Melbourne-based 4K AV over IP company iMAGsystems specialises in delivering hi-resolution video over standard IP networks, with a focus on creating tailor-made solutions for clients. They offer an extension of standard AV over IP, with solutions using 4K, 1080p, Matrix, video walls, multiview, USB 2.0 and control over IP as well.

Extron has entered the market its own chip, called PURE3, that the company says can handle all AV-over-IP standards from H.264 to 1G and 10G. According to Kayye, this is a strong signal of support to the wider market (and competitors) as it validates the trend of sending AV over IP, a the trend of the future.

Do you have an AV over IP solution that you want to shout? Australia’s premier annual AV trade show Integrate presents an invaluable opportunity for those in the industry to collaborate and learn about the next waves of innovation. Find out how you can be involved.


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