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Finding the balance in workspace design

Dec 2, 2019

Balancing non-linear creativity with technology is essential in the next-generation of workplace design but requires a committed client brief to achieve the best outcomes.

Head of Workplace Design and Innovation at Davenport Campbell & Partners, Lisa Munao, says more organisations are looking to create spaces that are as ‘non-corporate ‘ as possible so a creativity mindset can be achieved.

“If you are working in a space which is the same as your every day it can lead to constrained thinking,” said Munao. “If you are looking for a team or individuals to think differently then space needs to look and feel different, to promote freedom of thought, to be unconstrained by your surroundings mentally and physically.

“We have seen a movement of organisations looking for space to be designed to be creative, inspiring and flexible. In the past organisations may have booked conference spaces in hotels and conference centres, but having these spaces within their environment is now a high priority requirement if their brief,” said Munao.

Specifying the right technology within these spaces can assist teams to express themselves creatively. “Workspaces should equip you with both digital and analogue tools which are user-intuitive (do not require training), and space should allow the users the freedom to reconfigure the space easily to suit their needs,” said Munao.

Some people can create comfortably and naturally digitally while others are more drawn to the analogue such as paper pens pencils (and not necessarily generational).

“I have found a spot somewhere in the middle,” said Munao. “I use technology to streamline certain tasks and allow myself to be paperless in the most part. I feel right now that nothing for me can take away from the tactile nature of drawing by hand. Through tech, though I have found a tablet and a pencil which gives you the control of almost a physical pen, pencil and paper.

“Using this method whether its sketching or markups allows me to easily tick these to team members. Online notes also enable teams to easily work remotely together through notes, sketches and images. You can be anywhere in any part of the world (with an internet connection ) and be working creatively in real-time,” said Munao.

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