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Sydney Adventist Hospital – SAN Integrated Cancer Centre

May 7, 2018 AV Systems

From boardroom to war room, AV technology joins the fight against cancer at Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Harnessing the power of AV to create experiences of the future

May 3, 2018 Integrate News

This year marks the 10 edition of Integrate. To celebrate we’ve launched ‘The Future Defined’ campaign that looks towards the next 10 years, as we work together to define what’s next for the AV industry. So how do you define the future?

Did you hear that?

Apr 30, 2018 Audio & Broadcast

Modern life is full of distractions. Our brains are wired to listen out for sounds to warn us of danger, communicate with others and soothe us through music, but with so much noise competing for our attention, it can be overwhelming. Now technology is looking to the sounds of nature to help us live, work and play more effectively.

Be pragmatic about your choice of speakers

Apr 24, 2018 Audio & Broadcast

Optimise the design dispersion and projection of sound in your project with the Pragmatic family of line array speaker systems.

Immersive audio: from experience to immersion

Apr 20, 2018 Audio & Broadcast

An abundance of relevant technology means that an immersive audio design is realistically achievable for more installation applications than ever before. But what are ‘first principles’ for those integrators already working on such projects, and those who are looking to develop business in this area?

Fusing design with technology

The integration of smart home technology is fast becoming the norm for households up and down the country.

Creating sound business

Apr 10, 2018 Audio & Broadcast

Looking to improve the sound quality of your sonic environment? Yamaha’s MRX7-D uses acoustic echo cancellers to suppress unwanted feedback and annoying echoes, so that you and your customers can get down to business.

AVIXA announces call for nominations for Oceania Awards 2018

Apr 5, 2018 Integrate News

AVIXA™, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, is calling for nominations for the 2018 AVIXA Oceania Awards programme.

Is there a difference in quality between wired and wireless AV systems?

Mar 29, 2018 AV Systems

The gentle art of cable management has always been one of the critical skills required by AV integrators. Wired devices have always been favoured over wireless ones, because common complaints are that wireless technology mean a sacrifice in audio and video quality — but is that necessarily true?

In the spotlight: James Ingram

James Ingram has come a long way from his roots in the world of accountancy. But it was his passion for digital media, photography and technology that lured him into the world of digital content. So when James saw an opportunity to combine his experience and passion, he resigned from his job in a top tier accounting firm and started Prendi. We chat to James about what influence digital content will have on our lives, and why it has left a lasting impact on his.