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LG Pro:Centric Connect for Healthcare

Oct 28, 2020

Secure Video Calling with LG Hospital Smart TV’s.

As the medical world continues to embrace videoconferencing as part of their care delivery system, LG Business Solutions USA has recently launched the LG Pro:Centric Connect.

Built as an extension to the Pro:Centric platform, this solution enables system integrators to develop powerful telemedicine video-communication solutions on LG’s range of hospital smart televisions.

This system also provides scalable, secure, cloud-based video calls that manages the traffic and call transactions for multiple hospital facilities. This is an encrypted system that protects important patient information so that there is no breach of privacy.

The patient is able to access the video calling function through the existing interface on the LG Smart TV using their pillow speaker that is already connected in the room.

Key features include;

  • Ability to leverage existing infrastructure
  • System integrators can use the open-source Pro:Centric Connect architecture to enable video calling on patient TVs and most types of hospital staff devices
  • Information is protected within the hospital IT infrastructure
  • SI TV app is modified to present UI and drive calls via HCAP API/Cloud API

More information on the Pro:Centric System here.

More information on LG Business Solutions here.

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