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How AV systems are becoming a whole building experience

Mar 15, 2018 Smart Building

The days of office buildings in Australia being purely brick and mortar are fading into the rear-vision mirror. Previously, AV integrators had to come up with solutions to weave their technology into existing architecture. Now, ‘smart buildings’ are being constructed with AV solutions built into the design.

Lighting up Auckland

If you’ve been on the other side of the ditch recently, you may have seen a nighttime illumination of a greener kind, as the Auckland Harbour Bridge was transformed by the launch of Vector Lights. Yet while lighting up structures is not a new phenomenon, what is remarkable about this installation is that it features a renewable energy technology powered light show that bridges the gap between art, culture and the latest innovations in sustainable lighting.

Exploring the new realities of audio visual at Integrated Systems Europe 2018

Feb 23, 2018 AV Systems

“Hey Siri, can you please open the door for my mother and dim the lights a bit? I’m at work, thank you.” It’s likely something from a science fiction film, but according to technology experts at the recent Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam, it’s also becoming a rapidly forming reality.

Vuepix shines bright at the Australian Open

You’ve probably seen hundreds of images on Instagram over summer, but the now iconic AO sign is just one way Vuepix Q series technology, distributed by ULA Group, helps create lasting visual experiences at live events across the nation.

New safety guidelines for the Live Entertainment and Events Industries

After many years and thousands of hours of writing, meeting, discussions and reviewing – according to Showtech Director, Tiny Good, the Live Performance Australia (LPA) has now released their OHS guidelines for live events.

In the spotlight: Paula Jones Hanson

Feb 19, 2018 Audio & Broadcast

Paula is a freelance producer, engineer, mixer and remixer who has been a prominent figure in the recording industry worldwide.  She has worked around the globe with the world’s greatest producers such as Chris Thomas, Tony Brock, Dave Stewart, Martin Chambers and Charlie Clouser and artists including Elton John, Michael Hutchence, and Marcella Detroit.  Now she’s back in home in Sydney, and as a featured speaker at this year’s Integrate, we took the opportunity to get to know her a bit better and hear what has inspired her impressive career.

Integrate launches survey to define the future of the AV industry

Feb 15, 2018 Integrate News

The Australian and NZ digital media space and advertising is among the world’s most advanced. But just how big is it? And while our northern neighbours expand their markets rapidly, closer to home our domestic economic climates are being affected by housing downturns, population growth and general financial uncertainty – so what exactly does our future hold? Well you tell us.

ListenTALK at the push of a button

Feb 10, 2018 Audio & Broadcast

Did you hear? ListenTALK, by National Audio Systems, was named product of the year by Systems Contractor News at Integrate. These pocket-sized mobile collaboration devices allows for clear, secure communications and is ideal for noisy environments without the need to shout.

Norwest Productions to provide audio for 2018 Commonwealth Games

We love our sporting events in Australia, and they don’t come much bigger than the Commonwealth Games who has have announced that Norwest Productions will be the ‘Official Ceremonies Audio System Provider’. Here’s how they took out the gold medal in AV position.

Lightning fast video wall

In the race to deliver the fastest video over IP product, Lightning from iMAGsystems is arguably one of the fastest available on the market, today. Using Blue River NT technology from AptoVision, Lightning is delivering zero-latency hi resolution digital videos from the courtroom to operating theatre.