Smart Building

Don’t let smart home technology engulf spontaneity

Jun 20, 2017 Smart Building

“Our houses are no longer simply homes, but where we work, study, socialise and shop. We demand dwellings that celebrate the rituals of domestic life and allow for privacy and a change of mood.” Can anyone possibly argue with the accuracy of this observation? According to Miles, the smart homes of today and tomorrow are becoming increasingly “perceptive, responsive and autonomous.”

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Chromecast takes the spotlight with Powermove

Jun 15, 2017 Smart Building

For the last decade, Powermove Distribution has been at the forefront of technology, delivering home entertainment to the Australian Consumer in every form. Powermove are the official distribution agents for brands such as; Pioneer, Toshiba Televisions and Philips. Products that will be featured at Integrate 2017 have a large emphasis on Home and Commercial network intergration, with a large range of products featuring Chromecast built-in, primed to integrate with Google Home.

Cognitive Rooms: Connecting People and Technology with Speech

Jun 14, 2017 Smart Building

The idea is simple: a person walks into a hotel room and says “Turn the temperature to 26 degrees” or “Book a table for two at the hotel restaurant” and the room’s voice responds, either by complying or asking for additional information. This latest developments in cognitive rooms just got a whole lot smarter.

What Will Happen To People In The Post Human Era?

Jan 12, 2017 Smart Building

In the Terminator films, the central theme of the story was that the machines eventually took charge and humans were facing an uncertain future. Today we are on the verge of entering a post-human era of our own, but without the bleak outcome for humanity that was portrayed in those popular movies.

SAVANT® introduces all-new smart host

Aug 11, 2015 Smart Building

New Smart Host is 40% Faster, Includes Embedded Control, and Makes Owning a Savant Home More Affordable Than Ever; Also Announces Breakthrough Notification Features on its Award Winning App Savant®, a leader in premium smart home technology, recently announced the all-new Smart Host, an update to their best-selling product that enables control over a home’s […]

SAVANT® Introduces breakthrough Home Automation experience

Aug 11, 2015 Smart Building

New App Gives Homeowners Control of Their Systems with Unparalleled Personalization. Savant®, the leading luxury smart home technology company, today announced the Savant App, a new technology that allows homeowners to control their lighting, climate, entertainment, and security system from a single, easy-to-use app. The Single App Home© offers an unparalleled level of personalization, so […]

SAVANT® Announces availability on Apple Watch™

Aug 11, 2015 Smart Building

The Savant App On Apple Watch Makes It Easier Than Ever To Access Your Home From Anywhere Savant®, a leader in premium smart home technology, today announced the availability of the Savant App on Apple Watch. Using the Savant App on Apple Watch makes it more convenient than ever to access your home. From home […]

Smart Buildings Reap the Technological Whirlwind

Jul 14, 2015 Smart Building

Written by Anthony Caruana, editor of Macworld Australia We live in a time when there’s an incredible nexus of technological changes occurring at the same time. Each change, such as wearable technology, the Internet of Things, big data and cloud technology, viewed in isolation is significant but collectively the changes represent an opportunity to radically […]

Get with the Protocol

Jul 10, 2015 Smart Building

The need for the human race to reduce its insatiable appetite for energy has been well chronicled in recent time. Peak power on earth has been estimated at 20TW, or 20 million mega-watts. Seeing as how it is simply inconceivable for fossil fuel to be used to generate this much electricity, much of this capacity […]