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Visitor engagement made easy at events

Jul 14, 2015 Integrate News

Using technology to engage at events is a hot topic these days. In the last few years the industry has seen a rapid increase in creative and innovative solutions to address the all-so-vital visitor engagement issue.

But with ongoing concerns around Internet connectivity at venues and the reluctance of some visitors to download an app, what solutions can we implement to make it easy to create and strengthen a relationship with a potential customer or peer during an event? How can all attendees (and not just the tech-savvy) be empowered to engage and initiate a relationship?

A new player in the Australian market is Konduko, who believe that for any technology to succeed, 100% of consumers must have the capability in their hands. The centerpiece of their solution is a small piece of hardware –called a Reader – placed on every booth and around the venue, preloaded with digital content provided by the exhibitors, organiser or sponsors for the visitor to collect. With a simple touch of a smart badge over a Reader visitors receive information on brands and products by email, while their contact details are simultaneously shared with the content provider. No need to carry around printed material or to scan business cards.

The solution will be introduced for the first time in Australia at INTEGRATE, the leading event for industry professionals in AV and Systems Integration, from August 24 to 26, 2015, as the ‘Diversified com Scout’. The event is organised by Diversified Communications and is held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. The Diversified com Scout will feature full venue coverage and provide visitors with useful content on the exhibitor’s brand and products, while in return the exhibitor will gain valuable insight into visitor’s preferences in a consented and easy exchange of data : a simple touch like a first hand-shake to create a valuable first impression.

Konduko is a Swiss-based provider of activity-based proximity technologies. The solution is designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany with significant backing of the Swiss Canton of Berne’s Foundation for Technological Innovation (STI) programme and Swiss governments Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). A recent partnership has been signed with Info Salons, the leading registration partner in the Greater Asian event industry. www.konduko.com

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