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Harnessing the power of AV to create experiences of the future

May 3, 2018

This year marks the 10 edition of Integrate. To celebrate we've launched ‘The Future Defined’ campaign that looks towards the next 10 years, as we work together to define what’s next for the AV industry. So how do you define the future?

It’s hard to imagine a world before the internet revolution. The rise of digital devices in our homes, offices, buildings, arenas, retail spaces, restaurants, hospital, and schools is delivering an unprecedented opportunity for interaction, insight, and innovation. It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of ‘asking’ a light to dim, communicating face-to-face across the globe or having all your senses immersed in another world – was the realm of science fiction. Now voice control, unified communications, and VR are all realities.

But as technology and society become more tech-savvy, so too do our customer demands, expectations and challenges – and the AV industry is the interface through which we will experience the next generation of technology.

This is the inspiration behind ‘The Future Defined’ campaign, which highlights the potential roles that AV will play in our how we experience the future. Whether it’s in advances in healthcare, retail immersions, live events or exploration into the next frontier, AV will play a vital role how we incorporate them into our lives – you can view a taste of them with our registration launch videos.

This year Integrate celebrates ten years of connecting the industry. And while the AV industry has certainly come a long way in the past decade, it’s the next chapter that has Integrate most excited, which is why this year’s event is asking the industry to define their future.

What lies ahead in the AV industry?  What new technologies will become the standard of tomorrow?  It’s only by bringing the industry together, that we can hope to define what the future may look like.

And while Integrate has grown, over the past decade, to encompass new products and welcomed new visitors, the core purpose of the event remains the same: that it is a convergence of the best AV suppliers and professionals looking to share and source innovative solutions to help drive each of their businesses into the future.

Discover what’s next in person. Registration for Integrate is now live. Click here to register and start defining your AV experience.

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