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The time had come. ’s previous drama studio had burnt down in the late ’70s and the department had outgrown the rebuilt digs it had found itself in. A larger, more modern replacement was required… and what a replacement!

But this is more than a story about a well-resourced school erecting an impressive performing arts block. Yes, the facilities are excellent and it’s a good-looking building, but more than that it’s about ensuring you’ve got a usabledesign; a flexible design; and even more than that, a design that encourages experimentation and innovation. In other words, it’s actually the ‘boring stuff’ (the structured cabling/patching and the layout) that is the star of the show, as impressive as the sound, and control undoubtedly is.

Crucial to a great performing arts centre is a great theatre consultant. , with Craig Gamble leading the charge, is one of the best. An architect may only design one or two such edifices in a life time, ditto the builder, but the theatre consultant brings together hundreds of combined professional years of expertise in knowing how a performing arts centre runs and the technical requirements to get it there. Also helps to have an AV integrator like on board with plenty of theatre and technical operations experience among its staff.

– To Be Continued – 

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This article was written by Christopher Holder for AV Asia Pacific Magazine. 

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