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Back to school: AETM launches K-12 Conference

The K-12 sector has long led the way in the development of the active learning spaces, but often they have lacked the support to run them. Now the AETM have launched a new mini-conference, to be held on the first day of Integrate, to educate the educators about AV.

The use of interactive educational technology has engaged young students for many years now. The Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA) have made it compulsory for teachers to use digital technologies across every subject area, and educational institutions from all levels are looking to their AV and IT providers for innovative solutions.

Active learning spaces are very popular in universities to the point they are becoming the norm and are becoming a standard expectation of prospective students. This new way of teaching in many ways has simplified in-built education technology by a small shift to digital recourses and software collaboration.

But technology is only as good as the support services behind, which is where tertiary education, and their comparatively larger resources, have left their elementary cousins behind. Now K-12 schools are looking at the more ‘costly’ enterprise support model and slowly now we can see K-12 schools investigating this area as either an internal service or as an external managed service with their preferred suppliers.

The inaugural AETM K12 & Tafe AV Management Conference will address the need for education technology buyers to better incorporate and utilise AV in their classrooms, and help keep their teaching staff up to date on trends, as well as offer vendor technology previews, case studies from peer members and of course networking throughout through the extensive networks of the AETM wider community.

Held on the first day of Integrate, the Conference will be a great opportunity for both IT & AV professionals from this education sector to see, learn and connect with new education technologies and gain insights into how to adapt it appropriately for their students’ needs.

The AETM K12 & Tafe AV Management Conference will be held on Tuesday 27 August as part of the official Integrate education program. Registrations will open soon. To find out more about the AETM and their programs including the AETM Higher Education Annual Conference (below), click here.

AETM Higher Education Annual Conference: 18-21 Nov 2019, Monash University, Melbourne

The annual AETM conference is a great opportunity for AV professionals to see, learn and connect. With a specialised trade exhibition, vendor technology previews, case studies of new installations by AETM members, in-depth site inspections, and of course networking throughout, your time at an AETM conference will be one to remember and a great opportunity to network, share and develop both you and your staffs skillset and knowledge base.

Be sure to plan and register in advanced for the conference!


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