21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

5 TAKEAWAYS | The Future of Education Panel Discussion

Our Integrate Virtual Speaker Series hosted a panel discussion of speakers from tertiary AV Managers and suppliers which discussed the issues currently facing operators and priorities for recovery in one of the most impacted industries of recent times. If you missed the session or would like a recap of the session check out our 5 takeaways below!

1. The three Cs of InSight Systems Group have allowed their clients to smoothly adapt to the effects of COVID-19

Collaborate, Construct and Curate.  Daniel Baldwin discussed their end to end process for working with clients from gaining a deep understanding of their requirements to supporting them during the product lifecycle.

2. Everything we’re doing right now was not possible 5 years ago.

There’s so much more flexibility right now. We’re lucky that the future growth and the flexibility of technology is there now. We do have the capability to be able to pivot really quickly and have that functionality.

“If COVID-19 had come a few years ago, we wouldn’t have coped.” – Scott Doyle, Swinburne University

3. Consistency is going to be really important.

Online learning needs to have consistency. Students need to know what to expect when participating in online learning. New workflows are being driven by the disruption and rapid uptake of new software. Workflow is going to come from software rather than hardware.

“Increasingly were are going to see the software manufacturers determine how we use technology.” – Daniel Baldwin, InSight Systems Group Pty Ltd

Some of the stop gaps that have been implemented whilst pivoting will become permanent. One of the challenges with consistency is that institutions will usually support one package – they can help with the other platforms but they will wholly support one package.

“One of the big things we’ve found out about platforms is that Zoom is more of a conferencing and connection platform, but Teams is more of a collaboration platform. We talk about them in the same sentence but they are very different.”  – Scott Doyle, Swinburne University

“Making sure the return to campus is a seamless transition so they can continue to use these tools at home but also on campus.” – Greg Cavenagh, Deakin University e-Solutions

3. Hybrid learning spaces

6 years ago everything was about ‘active learning’, bringing students to the campus. The new classroom model right now is hybrid learning, involving both aspects of physically being in the classroom and virtually participating. Although this looks different for everyone and each institution.

The biggest challenge is user experience across the entire education system, regardless of where they are located.

“These times are forcing the adoption of technology that in the past, clients have been hesitant in doing.” – Daniel Baldwin, InSight Systems Group Pty Ltd

4. Budgets

“Everyone’s capital expenditure would have probably gone down to 10% of what they had in 2019.” – Scott Doyle, Swinburne University

Budgets are having to be shifted to the thinking of ‘how do we make what we’ve got work?’ There is a move away from capital works. Building out those infrastructure in primary and secondary schools will be a challenge as it mostly doesn’t exist across many of those schools, in comparison to unis.

There is an emphasis on curating more sustainable ways of upgrading. Demonstrating the value of investments for the long term and attracting new students.

“We are now looking at ‘what are the future needs?’ What are our needs for using collaboration tools? I guess it’ll be what do we want to invest in.” – Greg Cavenagh, Deakin University e-Solutions

5. The social challenges of online learning

“The issue is one of social. They (the students) are missing learning from their friends. Missing that part of education of someone else asking those questions and assessing their body language.” – Daniel Baldwin, InSight Systems Group Pty Ltd

Until hybrid learning can accommodate coffee shops, social spaces, etc., AV isn’t going to solve the social challenges of online learning.

“We want the students back on campus.” – Scott Doyle, Swinburne University


Scott Doyle, Swinburne University
Daniel Baldwin, InSight Systems Group Pty Ltd
Greg Cavenagh, Deakin University e-Solutions

A big thank you to our speakers for being a part of an Integrate first. And remember, there is still time to register!


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