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Farewell MicroTiles. Hello, MicroTiles LED

Feb 8, 2019

Nearly a decade after the launch of its MicroTiles, Christie has launched MicroTiles LED at ISE 2019.

Delivering P3 Colour space, fully compliant HDR-10 and patented software that keeps the wall calibrated at 97% for greater uniformity, Christie MicroTiles LED is said to be suitable for broadcast sets, venues, museums, retail, stadiums, arena, and high education. The new product is claimed to be the first LED wall solution to integrate AVoIP via support for the SDVoe.

With a mission to create the best-LED display technology available, Christie engineers took an uncompromising approach to develop a solution that eliminates the major challenges of current LED displays. The result is being hailed as a monumental leap forward in LED system architecture and design potential.

MicroTiles LED is bezel-less and currently feature 1.5mm and 1.25mm pixel pitches, with the possibility of smaller pitches in the future. A low-profile ADA-compliant QuickMount system means that the display can be created in any shape and size, including 90 degrees inside/outside corners and both concave and convex curves.

It also features what the company describes as an ‘auto-aging algorithm’ which runs automatically to ensure each tile is appropriately calibrated to give consistent image quality across a display, obviating the need for camera calibration.

Want to see what’s hitting the Australian market or have a launch of your own. Contact the Integrate team for partnership opportunities.

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