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Keeping up with the Millennials and Gen Z in AV

Aug 22, 2019 AV Systems

Over the last 12 months, Gary Kayye has been either a keynote speaker or educational leader at over two dozen events around the world including the UB Tech Show (a higher-ed focused event), the E4 Experience, InfoComm, AVI Live, Epson’s Showcase, LG’s Tech Tour and ISE. Now Gary is heading back to Australia to deliver his most popular keynote, ever, as well as an all-new keynote. Hear why Gary thinks these sessions are not to be missed this Integrate.

By Gary Kayye, CTS

I’m Bringing AV-over-IP, Millennial and Gen-Z AV News and Three AVIXA CTS RUs for everyone at Integrate in Melbourne!

Oh, and I’ve also been invited to participate on an open panel discussion; I’ll come back to the in a minute but, first, the keynotes:

The first is called: The Future of AV Design: A People-First Approach. Room designs and installs haven’t changed in 25 years. Sure, the devices and hardware have made significant advances in that time. But, the function of the rooms hasn’t changed. But it’s about to. And, it’s not because we’re moving everything to AV-over-IP or because of more “all-in-one” gear solutions. People have changed. Things have changed. Tech has changed. Now, AV design needs to change. It’s important to start thinking about AV design and installation from a people-first approach. Why? Well, have you realized that most Millennials and Gen-Z don’t communicate the way we do? And, this matters as Millennials are rapidly moving into decision-making roles that will affect the way we design, integrate and use technology and Generation-Z is right behind them — as the first Gen-Z generation of students will graduate from college in 2021.

Attend this fast-paced one-hour session and not only earn AVIXA CTS credits but also understand how a bunch of people in their teens, 20’s and young-30’s are going to make your life miserable if you don’t pay attention to the data I am going to present to you in this session! This is Tuesday from 13:00-14:00 in room 217 – I hope you’ll attend!

The second is an updated version of my most popular keynote ever: The Truth about AV-over-IP and it’s Wednesday, 13:00-14:00 in room 217. There’s a lot of misleading information about AV-over-IP. It’s not easy, it’s not lossless compression and it’s not going to happen overnight. But, it IS the future of AV signal distribution. There is no “standard” that everyone has adopted for sending AV signals (video, audio, control and power) over the network — there are multiple ways of doing it and some (not all) of the different options are interoperable. So, buyer and adopter beware. This session will take you on a journey through the plethora of signal routing options via an IP network and explain how each one works, what’s good about it, what’s bad about it and, most of all, how likely it is to experience industry-wide adoption. You will leave understanding each and every option out there, what works and what’s pure hype and how you evaluate the trade-offs for each option.

But, best of all, this session will help you understand the holy-grail of AV-over-IP and it has nothing to do with resolution, bandwidth, system simplicity, networking or 1G vs 5G. Want to know what is is? If you’ll attend this session, not only will you earn more AVIXA CTS credits, but you’ll leave with an understanding of something I call the Digital Canvas and how you using AV-over-IP will bring it to us!

Finally, on Thursday, from 10:30 to 12:00, also in room 217, I am excited to be serving on a panel discussion all about AV-over-IP. And, it’s packed with opinions including Bill Tinnier form Utelogy, Graham Barrett of AVT, David Meyer of CEDIA, Jess Warnock of Crestron and Cameron O’Neill of Riedel Communications.

See Gary Kayye speak as part of the Integrate Speaker Series this August 27-29 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre! You can purchase an Education Pass and register to attend the show here.
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