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Creating sound business

Apr 10, 2018

Looking to improve the sound quality of your sonic environment? Yamaha's MRX7-D uses acoustic echo cancellers to suppress unwanted feedback and annoying echoes, so that you and your customers can get down to business.

Designed to help deliver ideal sound in commercial spaces, Yamaha’s Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) and professional audio products are renowned for their superior quality and innovative design.

Although remote conferencing is a rapidly growing mode of communication, echoes caused by audio feedback and otherwise impaired intelligibility are still common problems. Yamaha’s highly advanced MRX7-D features an Acoustic Echo Canceller function that suppresses echoes even if speaker output is picked up by microphones in the room, eliminating echoes and dropouts in both directions. The MRX7-D also includes a Speech Privacy function that feeds a special masking signal to speakers installed in the hallway outside the conference room, making it impossible for outsiders to eavesdrop on the proceedings.

Imagine a speaker system combined with an appropriate simple or smart solution, providing the perfect balance of performance and functionality.  By combining a unique streamlined overall approach to installed sound, with acclaimed product reliability, their product lineup benefits everyone at each stage of the installation process, from installers and contractors to investors and owners.

Yamaha MTX Series is the ideal Digital Signage Matrix Processor for small to mid-size commercial applications such as retail, restaurants and boardrooms. It can mix multiple input sources such as mic input from speeches, announcements and CD audio sources. Applying the appropriate audio processing and providing the best acoustics for any environment.

Yamaha is distributed by Madison Technologies, a value-added BSB distributor of cabling, networking, wireless & audio visual solutions. To see more about Madison Technologies visit www.madisontech.com.au or contact the team on 1800 78 88 89.

Madison Technologies will be exhibiting at Integrate 2018, this 22-24 August on Stand i40. If you are interested in joining them and exhibiting, contact the Integrate team today.

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