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Best of the Blogs 2017

Dec 21, 2017

As we start to look back on 2017, what were the burning issues in AV industry and what were the hot topics that got the most clicks? We did some back-end number crunching on all of the blogs we posted over the year, and now present to you our most popular articles. Not surprisingly, you all love a good Integrate story with 2 of the top 5 giving you a preview to the show, but it seems you are secretly a bit nostalgic at heart, but which article was the most popular might surprise you. Read on to get the best of the blogs for 2017.

Coming in at…

5. “Becoming Smart about Smart Homes”, Posted 28 July 2017

As the distinction between online and offline continues to blur, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a major consideration in how we plan our homes, both for the future and today.

While much of the tech though which we control appliances, furnishings and systems in our homes is not entirely new, we’re rapidly approaching a tipping point where cost, functionality and usability will see home automation move out of the realm of science fiction and into our living spaces.

Read the full article here.


4. “Something to rave about”, Posted 24 August 2017

Last year’s Integrate in Sydney, saw the worldwide soft-launch of their OLED Wallpaper, the largest launch of AV-over-IP gear at any AV event and the debut of native 4K DLP projectors. So, how did Gary Kayye think we would top that? Honestly, that was tough but here are 5 things he decided were must-sees at the show in Melbourne…

Read the full article here


3. “AV Asia Pacific’s top pick for Integrate”, Posted 25 August 2017

With Integrate just around the corner, you heard from AV Asia Pacific’s Editorial Director, Christopher Holder, as he chose his top five highlights for this year’s Integrate at the MCEC…”Five Integrate highlights? That’s way too constraining. It’s like being asked for the best five bars of your favourite Beatles song. Don’t make me choose! Okay, I’m going to cheat.”

Read the full article here


2. “Cognitive rooms: Connecting people and technology through speech”, Posted 14 June 2017

Voice-Enabled Cognitive Rooms

The idea is simple: a person walks into a hotel room and says “Turn the temperature to 26 degrees” or “Book a table for two at the hotel restaurant” and the room’s voice responds, either by complying or asking for additional information. This latest developments in cognitive rooms just got a whole lot smarter.

Read the full article here


And your TOP BLOG for 2017 is…

1. “MP3 -Goodbye old friend, you will be missed”, Posted 24 May 2017

Developers of the MP3 have officially killed it. MP3, the digital audio coding format, changed the way we listen to music and drove the adoption of countless new devices over the last couple of decades. And now, it’s dead. The developer of the format announced this week that it has officially terminated its licensing program.

Read the full article here.

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