21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney


Aug 3, 2016


We think Holograms are cool at Integrate and we’re excited to see where this technology is heading and what it means for our industry. So this year, we thought we’d bring holograms directly to you with your very own DIY Hologram Kit!

It’s cool and quirky, with the hologram created by refracting a specially created video through a PVC Plastic projector. All you need to do is place the projector on top of a smartphone, get into a dark room and hit PLAY!

Didn’t receive a hologram pack? We also have a limited amount of kits to give away, simply register with the code: HOLOGRAM and you can pick up your hologram pack onsite at the show!

Once you pick up your hologram at the show, or if you already have one, play the video above in full screen mode on your smartphone, turn up the volume and bring the hologram to life!

For best results, place the phone at eye level and in a dark space!

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Holograms are just one of the many cool and cutting –edge products coming to the show.  We interviewed some of our exhibitors and partners, to give you a taste of some of the products that you can expect to see at Integrate 2016!


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