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The Integrate LIVE Theatre brings thought-leaders and game-changers in the industry to share their knowledge, insights and developments in live entertainment technology. Launched in 2016, this exciting addition to the Integrate education program incorporates specialist seminars covering lighting, pro-audio and AV and behind-the-scenes case studies of some of the biggest productions in Australia.

Tuesday 29 August 2017
Location: Show Floor

Visionary creator of inspired global events Andrew Walsh joins one of the foremost leaders in the entertainment industry worldwide Tiny Good to step through the secrets of putting together a live event. Whether it's the launch of a new product, annual award celebration, or global congress they'll cover the process from concept to delivery. Discussing all aspects of technical production from concept development to documentation and supplier management, join this session to discuss all the unusual answers to the impossible questions.

A presentation from the series “Sound Futures” presented by David Claringbold, Chief Marketing Officer of German audio company, d&b audiotechnik and a former Director of Sydney Opera House. In this presentation David will take us on a journey through time beginning thousands of years BC and tracing the evolution of sound, society, the built environment and technology.

Listeners will be introduced to d&b’s Sound Futures thinking via a provocative presentation exploring the powerful contribution sound makes in connecting us to our world, our art and our ideas. The presentation will consider the human auditory experience and take an innovative look at the future interactive potential of the built environment, nature and sound technology.

Venues have traditionally been designed as single purpose structures for a single audience. Increasingly modern venues are developing sophisticated business models seeking 24/7 utilisation driven by a diverse range of entertainment, art, retail and media. These models require a sophisticated customer experience and high quality technology solutions. The presentation is dedicated to communicate the personal, social, artistic and economical value of high quality sound.

Hear from those who have found their niche in the live sound industry on how they got their start, what challenges and changes they have overcome and what they now look for when taking on someone new in their industry.

The International Code of Practice for Entertainment Rigging (ICoPER) is a synopsis of what is required for rigging in different countries around the world and has been in development for over five years. With the launch of the Code scheduled for later this year, Tiny will provide an overview of the implications for both practitioners and manufacturers in the APAC region.

This session will discuss the changes that has happened in LED Technology from the early 2000’s until to present day. We will look at what advances have been made, what is available and how it can be Integratored into your set up whilst being aware of what to look out for.

Wednesday 30 August 2017
Location: Show Floor

Traditional theatre has long been combining drama, music and movement with lighting, sound and vision effects to tell stories. However, new technologies and new media are increasingly visible on corporate stages as well as large scale live events, giving show directors and lighting designers exciting new storytelling tools and methods of creating extraordinary audience experiences.

In this session, world renown lighting and production designer, Paul Collison will explore the new world of visual design, and how designers now tread the precarious line between using technology to enhance a performance, or using technology for the sake of technology. Using current project examples Paul will discuss the ever-changing processes involved in live show and event design, with the aim to bring all these elements together in harmony.

Getting the most from your sound system. This session focusses on the effective use of PA systems particularly in difficult environments. Topics will be related to sound system design, tuning and optimisation, with real world experience on what to look out for and how to get the best results.

Technical advancements, new products and interactive technology are allowing lighting designers across both live and installation environments broaden their horizons and discover worlds of new potential. This lively panel discussion will bring together lighting and vision specialists to explore the impact of this new technology on lighting design.

Outlining how they use current equipment, tools and technology to maximise results they will also discuss the pitfalls of technology and where you can come undone by creating technological barriers in your designs. Looking at how their approach to design within their specific fields has changed along the way this session will analyse the question: is new technology changing the way designers think?

Thursday 31 August 2017
Location: Show Floor

Of all the elements in the sound-system chain from microphone to listener, loudspeakers and acoustics are generally the least understood by the audio industry. This knowledge gap combines with popular beliefs to produce outcomes that often fall far short of what is possible for the same overall cost. Glenn Leembruggen will explore some of the reasons why the quality of amplified sound is often much poorer than what is readily achievable for the same overall cost.

One of the primary themes in Glenn’s presentation will be phase interference, which he considers as both friend and foe. Although fundamental to the way that loudspeakers function in a space, interference is often ignored with problematic results. Less obvious interference mechanisms will be identified along with ways to make interference as friendly as possible.

Glenn will also consider the comparative challenges that accompany speech systems. Speech systems are often considered less important or less critical than music systems, with the result that our community often struggles with the clarity of amplified speech.

Other topics Glenn will cover are the blind belief in Speech Transmission Index and the critical roles of modelling, equalisation, listening and operation.

Lighting Designing for theatre can be a challenge and sometimes extremely stressful due to time constraints and budgets. However, given the right approach and ideas these can become a lot easier when in the middle of a bump in and lighting plot session. In today’s world with the everso constant accessibility to Led fixtures and moving lights, it allows the designer to make choices where in the old days with the use of generic lights may not have been available.

Whether or not you are a someone starting out as a lighting designer in theatre or someone who is working in the industry professionally, renowned International lighting designer Jason Bovaird owner of Moving Light Productions, will guide you through the ways in which to approach your lighting design. From the first rehearsal experience through to the finished product, Jason will give you certain tools to use and his take on the way in which he approaches a lighting design. He will look at the design differences in designing for Ballet, Opera, Musical Theatre through to large scale events.

"Before White Night and Vivid there was the Gertrude Street Projection Festival. Starting 10 years ago this volunteer run community public art event has been an innovator and incubator for using projection in ways not foreseen by the AV industry.

Presented by the co-founder of the Festival and the 2017 Technical Director; this case study looks at the ways the artist and creative communities can collaborate with technicians and projector companies to provide engaging public art results."

We will hear from WorkSafe Victoria on the issues our Members should be focused on. Ian Sandlant, Event Program Coordinator - Operations & Emergency Management, will discuss the role of the regulator in the exhibition and event space and the responsibilities of Organisers, Venues and Suppliers in providing safe working environments.

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