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Attracting the best global talent via IT and AV

Nov 22, 2019

Unlike previous generations, a career does not need to be made in an office environment or indeed within the confines of the country in which you live. As corporates seek to attract the best talent from around the world, offering technology that delivers flexibility and mobility to staff is essential.

National Technology and Innovation Manager at ENGIE AV, Myke Ireland, says that it’s no longer just the Google’s and Facebook’s of the world that offer flexibility and mobility to their staff.

Flexible technologies are critical in order to support the global mobile workforce, the industry is faster than ever moving away from hardware-centric solutions and beginning to focus on software solutions that offer a universal user experience across a myriad of hardware devices.

“Let’s use Microsoft as an example,” said Ireland, “we see more and more customers looking to develop their business collaboration standards around a Skype for Business Teams and now more so Microsoft where previously most business would shudder at the thought of using anything other than a dedicated hardware collaboration tool.

“Even the traditional hardware collaboration vendors like Poly and Cisco, are now leading their offers by communicating the value in supporting software-based platforms such as Zoom, Teams, and Skype for Business. As a top tier integrator we are seeing all major markets move in this direction, including government, health, education, and enterprise,” he said.

Businesses that want to be relevant in today’s ecosystem need to adapt but not all industries can move directly to flexible work.

“Those industries that are trade-based or still require face to face client interaction may be challenged,” said Ireland. “However that being said, technology is most definitely defining how and when these changes will occur and at what pace. As we begin to see AI and robotics emerge in this new era, even the more traditional trade and manufacturing-based industries will be part of the shift,” he said.

“We are finally at a place where workers can balance time with their families whilst still reaching all their relevant working targets,” said Ireland. “Avoiding a two-hour commute also adds significant value to employers everywhere and instilling trust into employees only ever works to leverage dedication and output,” he said.

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