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Say hello to Hololens 2

Feb 28, 2019

Ahead of the release of the Microsoft Surface 2, you can also look forward to trying out the widely anticipated Microsoft HoloLens 2 which allows you to interactive and 'touch' holograms with deeper, sharper immersive visual experiences.

Users of the original HoloLens had found the device uncomfortable to wear and not entirely user-friendly, Microsoft promises this new version, released last month, to be the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience on the market. You will be able to touch, grasp and move holograms much like a real object and it will work in a more ‘human way’ than the original.

You’ll be able to move freely, there are no wires or external packs needed to use the headset, this it is a self-contained computer with Wi-Fi connectivity. Microsoft are hoping this will appeal to a business environment as you can take the headset with you while you are working.

Further improvements include the headset filling the user’s view for a more immersive experience, as well as a higher resolution to accompany the larger screen. Also, the voice commands will work in noisy environments due to its smart microphones and natural language speech processing.

There will be no time wasted with passwords, logging in has been streamlined, the device will automatically know who is using it with ‘iris recognition’ using your Windows Hello account.

You can preorder the HoloLens 2 on the Microsoft website and Ingram Micro H32 will be exhibiting Microsoft products this year on the show floor at Integrate.

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