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E-sports and live events level up

The video gaming and e-sports (multiplayer electronic games played competitively for spectators) sector is expected to grow exponentially in coming years. Internet-gaming traffic is forecast to grow globally by 55 per cent annually and account for 4 per cent of global IP traffic by 2022.

By: Domenic Bayley

According to the PwC Australian Entertainment and Media Outlook 2018-2022, interactive games revenue is expected to reach $AU3.3 billion by 2022. PwC estimates that interactive gaming in Australia will grow annually by 5.1 per cent and account for 11.8 per cent of consumer spending by 2022.

Audio and visual specialists will have the opportunity to pioneer the Australian e-sports industry in coming years as they navigate the technologies and infrastructure required to broadcast live video games to fans in auditoriums and elsewhere.

Events in the Australian calendar, such as the Intel Extreme Masters and the Esports Summit, will require a full spectrum of audio-visual integration, from videowalls to LED cabinets, mounted audio and video systems and wi-fi signal extensions for fans to comment on live games.

Other industries are also taking the plunge into live events to engage consumers. “We’re seeing an upsurge in beauty-industry events where live-to-screen cameras and 3D technology are being used to demonstrate the effectiveness of skincare products,” Baldwin says.

These new commercial events represent a strong opportunity for audio-visual experts with large venue and event space integration experience to leverage their solutions – especially those familiar with live broadcasting of events.

The challenge for business leaders will be to realise what’s technologically possible and what they require to reach their target markets: a standalone live event or a live event broadcast to consumers?

The good news is business leaders are becoming extremely savvy about how new technologies can boost their business. “We’re seeing a lot more corporate clients becoming more aware of new and available technologies that can set them apart from their competitors – and that’s a good thing,” says Baldwin.

From interactive product catalogues to queue management terminals and holographic displays, visual technologies are being used to aid employees as well as drive customer experience.

For example, retailers such as Country Road and Witchery have installed a range of visual solutions by Engagis to better catch the attention of customers and boost sales.

Large matrix screens and digital displays showcase promotions and new styles and can be centrally updated by the companies, allowing them to reduce the time and money required to manually update posters.

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