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It’s all in the detail

Nov 22, 2018

NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched the MultiSync EA271U display, designed for highly detailed applications such as content creation, CAD/CAM design, control rooms and trading floors.

The new display features 4K UHD resolution for work that demands the highest possible detail, and combines a range of features to optimise user comfort and wellbeing. The 27in ultra-narrow bezel display delivers peak performance and visualisation with up to 3840 x 2160 pixels for superior productivity for professionals.

The NEC MultiSync EA271U model incorporates outstanding ergonomic features for easy adjustment to each user’s individual needs, and features a range of technologies to maximise user productivity while protecting their eyesight. These include an integrated sensor that adjusts screen brightness according to user presence and ambient light conditions, combined Low Blue Light, and Flicker-Free technology that further protects the viewer’s eyes.

Investment protection is assured thanks to future-proof Type-C connectivity, which combines video, audio, computer-power and USB connections into a single cable, which also serves to declutter the desktop while also enabling one simple connection for users’ notebook or tablet PC.

Other key features include auto-adjust power consumption to minimise energy wastage, and easy multi-display control that enables users to manage the settings of up to six displays in a multi-monitor configuration via the master display with ControlSync technology.

“When detail is important, there’s no better display than the new NEC MultiSync EA271U,” said Jan Gräf, product manager for desktop displays at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “Our latest 27in display is designed to optimise the whole user experience for detail-oriented workers, reducing the strain on their eyes and bodies thanks to its 4K UHD display and ergonomic features.”

“There is a wide range of industries where employees spend a long time in front of their screens performing highly-detailed work, ranging from creative workers to CAD/CAM designers to control room operatives. With the NEC MultiSync EA271U, we have combined 4K UHD resolution with outstanding ergonomics to produce a future-proof display that ensures users’ health and wellbeing, while enabling them to give the very highest attention to detail.”

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