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Top picks from CEDIA Roundtables

May 1, 2020

Make the most of your time at your desk this month, with a host of online events and webinars hosted by CEDIA.

Here is a round-up of events coming up in May from CEDIA! Learn from your peers, set new goals for your professional development and your business with this mix of webinars and roundtables:


Wednesday, 13 May – 8am

‘Marketing and Communications’


With so many small business closed due to government-imposed restrictions, it seems natural that many business owners would go quiet. However, history suggests this is the worst time to be silent.

Join award-winning PR practitioner Salvatore Di Muccio, marketing communications expert Nicole Webb and former journalist and magazine editor Paul Skelton as they navigate how to keep your brand alive – and in front of your clients – in the middle of a pandemic.

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Wednesday, 20 May – 8am

‘Getting Paid, Meeting Financial Obligations and JobKeeper update’


The single most important aspect of running a business is cash flow, and in order to run a successful business you need to know how to get paid, and in a timely manner. Failure to do so, particularly in today’s climate, will likely result in losing your business.

Join contractor debt recovery specialist Anthony Igra and expert integrator Rob Sanders as they talk about how to ensure you get paid everything you are entitled to.

This session will also feature an update on the JobKeeper Allowance, alternative testing criteria and the tax implications of using Government incentives.

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Wednesday, 27 May – 8am

‘Health & Wellbeing’


With the nation in lockdown, maintaining your health – physical and mental – is of utmost priority. As is ensuring the morale of your employees, particularly as companies turn to redundancies and closures during this time.

Join medical doctor and psychiatry resident Dr Kieran Kennedy and exercise physiologist Mark Simpson as they discuss ways to ensure we all make it out of the pandemic with as few scars as possible.

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Thursday May 28  – 11am

‘Setting Employee Expectations in Our New Normal’


Our world is not the same. COVID-19 has changed the way we do business. With these changes, we are finding the way we have managed our employees is not effective in our “new normal.” This webinar will help you reset expectations with your employees as we all adjust to the reality of work as we know it. We will discuss setting expectations, holding our employees accountable, and driving behavior to performance success.

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