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21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

In the spotlight: James Ingram

Mar 28, 2018

James Ingram has come a long way from his roots in the world of accountancy. But it was his passion for digital media, photography and technology that lured him into the world of digital content. So when James saw an opportunity to combine his experience and passion, he resigned from his job in a top tier accounting firm and started Prendi. We chat to James about what influence digital content will have on our lives, and why it has left a lasting impact on his.

Q. What drew you to start Prendi?

JI: I have had a long held a passion for digital media, photography and technology and have always appreciated great design and detail. It was in late 2011 that I saw an opportunity to combine my experience and passion and resigned from my job in top-tier accounting firm and Prendi was born.

Since then, we have rapidly grown; making a name for ourselves in an industry we are helping to define. We pride ourselves on delivering any and all parts of a full service solution including digital strategy, branding and creative design, animation and motion graphics, technology procurement, installation, ongoing support and content management.

Q. What are the most exciting projects Prendi has created in its 5 years (and for who?)

JI: I would have to say that the Wonder Room at All Saints Anglican School has been one of our favorite projects (https://vimeo.com/154925194)

The Wonder Room brings together multiple technologies, but the centerpiece is the seamless 1×5 Multitaction video wall. Multitaction Screens are the next evolution in touchscreens. They have built-in infrared cameras and allow for unlimited points of touch, recognition of QR code markers directly through the screen, and seamless touch capability across any number of screens. This means any number of students and teachers can be using the Multitaction video wall at one time, creating a truly engaging and inclusive classroom environment – which I think is the future of education.

There were also some unique creative challenges. The screens required custom-made content to bring them to life for the students. So the content we created features multiple animated background themes: Under the Sea, Out in Space and The Jungle. The goal was to encourage students to search and find information for themselves, without direct guidance or labels. The content features 9 categories and hundreds of learning times, hidden within numerous layers of interactivity. Admin markers allows content to be sectioned off based on the age ranges of the children. The Multitaction video wall can send items to the side touchscreens to save for later, or the side touchscreens can simply be used to show extra notes on the topic at hand.

Q. Digital content is exploding. With the rate of new technologies coming on board is there anything you can’t wait to explore?

JI: We have recently built our own Content Management System, Fusion Signage, and are really excited seeing it take off and exploring the avenue of “Prendi products”. Rather than always selling the custom dream, I’m excited that we are expanding intor ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions which are quick, easy and fit-for-purpose to suit any brand. We are looking into developing a similar product for touchscreens in the near future, so we will keep you posted.

Q. What do you think the future has in store for digital signage and content provider like yourself?

JI: As the hardware continues to innovate and the prices continue to decrease, it will mean that it becomes accessible to more people. Soon every business will have digital walls which means a greater need for content. We are noticing a shift of focus now away from hardware and into content which has typically been a secondary consideration. Businesses are understanding the benefit and need for great content to drive value to their business and a return on their investment in digital solutions.

Prendi are Integrate’s official digital content supplier. For more info on some of the project, like the Wonder Room, Prendi have worked on see http://www.prendi.com.au/work/wonder-room/ or  the Integrate Case study https://integrate-expo.com/education-technology/case-study-changing-classrooms-wonder-rooms/

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