21-23 Aug 2024
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How artificial intelligence is changing digital signage across the globe

Using a simple digital media player and a camera, businesses can now use powerful artificial intelligence software to enable their digital signage to learn from its audience and deliver customised content. AdMobilize is a world leader in this technology and they will be in Melbourne this year as part of the Integrate Expo.

Outdoor and indoor signage has always been an effective advertising tool.

In the modern world, static signage has made way for digital signs that offer multiple ads, video and even interaction with the audience.

Now, artificial intelligence technologies are being weaved into these digital displays to deliver advertisements tailored for the audience and also farming data from the people that view them.

AdMobilize has developed world-leading intelligence platforms for retail and outdoor advertising with products including real-time crowd analytics and advertising that understands its audience and adapts accordingly.

AdMobilize will be an exhibitor at the Integrate Expo in Melbourne his year, outlining and explaining their AI technologies, how they are being used and recent partnerships that are changing the shape of digital and outdoor advertising.

Out of the box targeted advertising

One of the biggest, most recent innovations from AdMobilize has been a partnership with BrightSign Players that simplifies AI digital signage and makes it far more accessible.

AdMobilize chief executive and co-founder Rodolfo Saccoman explained how the partnership means people can now buy a simple box loaded with AI technology that would plug and play directly with their digital signage.

“This is a really exciting integration which we have done with our amazing partners at BrightSign,” he said.

“Now clients globally can simply obtain the latest BrightSign players with our AdMobilize AI analytics embedded into them.

“What that means is that you can simply attach an off the shelf camera to your existing displays or new displays where you have BrightSign and our technology runs kind of out of the box.”

That means you can simply add the BrightSign box with AdMobilize AI software installed, add a camera and your digital displays will deliver advertisements targeted to the audience in front of it.

“It is a beautiful thing which is really allowing the world of digital signage to go from … dumb screens into becoming really smart AI-powered screens of understanding engagement, of being able to trigger ads based on your audience,” Mr Saccoman said.

Partnership to help spread AI digital signage through the US – and the world

AdMobilize’s technology is revolutionary and now a new partnership with digital signage experts Reflect Systems will see their systems rolled out on a large scale.

Reflect is including AdMobilize AI sensors, Intel and BrightSign media players across their retail and advertising client portfolio this year and beyond which will be used to deliver targeted advertising and also gain a better understanding of audiences that view digital signage.

Reflect chief executive Lee Summers said that audience intelligence is becoming increasingly necessary in understanding the behaviour of consumers.

“Our partnership with AdMobilize provides valuable tools and data. Both are used to help our clients better understand their customers and ultimately reach their business and advertising objectives with their digital signage networks,” he said.

AdMobilize global head of marketing and sales Mike Neel said that AdMobilize’s computer vision and AI software can provide, in real-time and 100 per cent anonymously, data regarding viewership, demographics, emotion, attention and other key KPIs.

“Retailers and DOOH clients are seeking audience intelligence solutions to optimize their business models and create new value for stakeholders,” he said.

“Working with the team at Reflect to create AI-powered solutions for their impressive client base is a win-win for all.”

Want to find out more about AI in digital signage? Jason Sosa, Director APAC will be presenting on behalf of AdMobilize at this year’s Integrate Expo at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in “Enhancing the digital signage experience through AI” on Tuesday 27th August. You can register to attend the expo for free and purchase education passes for this session and more here.
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