21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Fusion Signage Introduces Powerful New Tagging System for Pro Licence Holders

Simplifying Digital Signage Content Management for Businesses of All Sizes

Fusion Signage is thrilled to announce the release of their latest feature – the Tagging System! Starting today, all Pro Licence holders can take advantage of this game-changing update.

The new Tagging System is designed to simplify the delivery of content across your digital signage network. With this feature, you can assign tags to each of your screens and set rules for media items within a playlist. The Fusion Signage tagging system will then follow these rules to determine which content plays on which screen.

Why is this super-duper handy?

Currently, if you have multiple screens (let’s say 20+), and you want to display different content on each, you need to create separate playlists for each one. This might be manageable for 20 screens, but what about 200? Or 2000? Tagging allows you to manage thousands of screens from a single playlist, all based on the rules you create for your media.

Let’s go through an example

Imagine you have 3 screens: one in Brisbane, one in Sydney, and one in Melbourne. With our new tagging system, you would assign a tag to each screen: Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

You create a single playlist and add 3 pieces of content – one for each location. Then, you simply set a tag rule next to the Brisbane content to “only play if the screen has the Brisbane tag.” This file will now play only on Brisbane’s screen because it has that tag, and not on the other two.

You can also combine tags using the AND/OR rule and exclude content at the same time. For example, you could use “Portrait OR Landscape AND QLD” to play on any portrait or landscape screens in Queensland.

What tags can you add?

Any! You have complete control over the tags you want to add to your screens, and you can add any number of tags. This flexibility ensures your content reaches the right place.

Empowered tip: The rule builder will only look up tags that have been assigned to screens, making your life even easier.

Watch our demo here

More information here

Make sure to see the Fusion Signage team at Integrate at stand F46.

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