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Yamaha: Power and Performance.

Jan 30, 2020

Yamaha's DZR loudspeakers deliver a truly professional sound whilst still having a compact, lightweight design.

Yamaha’s powerful DZR series has been expanded, with their DZR/CZR loudspeakers and CXS XLF subwoofers now available in white – more option to match interiors with permanent sound installations.

Since the series was  introduced in 2018, the black models of these speakers have established a reputation for their exceptional accuracy and signature sound, proving very popular in a wide variety of applications.

The DZR series delivers high-class SPL performance, sophisticated DSP processing, and unrivaled low-frequency bass sound reproduction. The culmination of all Yamaha’s accrued sound reinforcement, acoustics, and signal processing technology expertise, the DZR represents Yamaha’s first fully-integrated, smart/editable speaker range of professional, powered loudspeakers.

The newest DXS XLF’s go deeper than any model before, with an extended low frequency of 30Hz— which will be perfect for professional touring musicians, DJs, and sound engineers who need that extra-low, thundering bottom. Flexible DSP and bass-reflex cabinet design with a wide flared port ensure lower frequencies maintain clarity and musicality when the volume is cranked up high.

Yamaha will be exhibiting at Integrate 2020 on Stand L24. You can find out more about the DZR series and purchase them on the Yamaha website.
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