Integrate Speaker Series – Day 3

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The truth and facts about 4K

You may not be building systems in 4K yet, but you will be. And, better quality images aren’t the biggest reason 4K will be part of your systems-design mainstay. In fact, 4K imaging offers room design and build creativity for presenters like no technology before it. Gary’s session will not only educate you on all that you need to be careful about in designing rooms in 4K, and using 4K gear, but he will also open your mind to the concept of the true digital canvas — using 4K for everything.

Gary Kayye Gary Kayye
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Evolution and Transformation

Imagine totally transforming the way you interact and support your customers; a totally new environment to deliver home automation and connectivity. End Users are now demanding more from smart control solutions, including voice control, flexible cloud integration, customer definable features, scaleable architecture and advanced analytics. Integrators need a simple configuration environment, speed of delivery and remote access to provide functionality and updating.

Ben Green, Smart Space Director for Clipsal and Schneider Electric Partner Business will explain how integrators can meet this demand, and redefine the way they compete in the market so that they add value for their customers for years to come.

Ben Green Ben Green