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21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

AV Marketers Meet Up
23 August 2024

The AV Marketers Meet Up is back for 2024. Presented by AVIXA and Integrate, this event is a unique networking opportunity for AV Marketers at all levels. As part of the event, a curated panel will discuss with experts the current trends - and what they would keep, swap or avoid.

23 August 2024
Tech Talk Theatre
09:00 - 09:50
Marketers Meet Up


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Calling out to all AV marketers who are keen to exchange ideas and discuss latest marketing trends! Join us for an engaging panel discussion featuring a group of  AV marketing leaders in the region In this meetup,  we will share the key highlights and top line findings of a survey conducted by AVIXA, with AV marketers.

We’ll tackle pressing challenges, unveil new priorities, dissect digital and content strategies, and explore cutting-edge measurement techniques for 2024 and beyond.

Following the panel, you’ll be able to make connections and exchange details over coffee.

2024 program coming soon.

Who was this for?

B2B Marketing professionals at all levels who are currently working in AV/IT firms, exhibitors participating in Integrate or Security 2024 or their associated companies.

The 2023 Leading AV Tech Marketers Panel

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