Integrate LIVE Day 3



10:30 11:30

The making of a great live event venue - unveiling 161 Sussex St

This session will lift the covers on one of Sydney’s latest event spaces that has undergone a significant transformation. The property at 161 Sussex St, Darling Harbour is gaining a third tower, 222 new guest rooms and upgraded conference facilities as part of a $200 million development plan. The third tower also brings with it a new bar, restaurant and lobby area, plus two pillar-less ballrooms with the largest seating up to 1,100 people meaning it will rival the revamped Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. This session will take attendees on a ‘virtual’ tour – taking them through the planning, challenges, solutions and incredibly capability of this impressive live event space.

Andrew MacColl Andrew MacColl
12:00 1:00

The Influence of Technology on the Future of Lighting Design

Lighting technology has advanced at a rapid pace and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. One of Australia’s most experienced lighting designers, Paul Collison, will share his insights on how to keep up with all the advances in technology and where it is all heading. He will discuss how, as a lighting designer, you use this technology wisely and not be distracted by it. On the flipside Paul will also discuss how current lighting control protocols are actually restricting true advancement for the industry and the need to set new standards to ensure creative freedom for designers in the future.

Paul Collison Paul Collison
2:00 3:00

Frequency Coordination Tips and Tricks for Multi-channel Wireless Microphone Systems in the Post Digital Dividend Landscape

Frequency selection and coordination is critical to the successful design of wireless microphone and in-ear systems. This has become more critical in recent years due to the reduction in available frequencies post the digital dividend reallocation. Frequency coordination becomes more complex as the number of systems increases, often to the point of requiring a dedicated RF engineer on large productions. There has been much hype and misinformation regarding the current situation for wireless audio systems in Australia. In this seminar, a super express version of the full day “Shure Advanced Wireless Training seminar” (expect some fast talking), we will focus on topics essential to successfully setup, deploy and operate multi-channel wireless microphone and in-ear systems in the post digital dividend landscape.

Topics covered include:
– Radio Fundamentals and Frequency Allocation
– Multi-system compatibility, intermodulation, interference
– Wireless management tools

Recommended for any audio professional involved in the design and / or operation of wireless audio systems. Attendees should have previous experience with wireless audio systems and be familiar with technical terms and concepts.

Jeff Mackenzie Jeff Mackenzie