Flashtrack – Day 2


N.B. This was a free program that took place in the InfoComm FlashTrack Theatre, Stand J79


10:30 11:00

Explore the Floor

The show floor can be overwhelming, especially for first timers. Join us for tips and tricks on how to make the best of your time at Integrate. A must for first-time attendees! Don’t miss out on any of the events, education or exhibitors that you came to see!

Andy Ciddor Andy Ciddor
11:00 11:30

Why Should AV care about IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a topic of discussion in IT for some time now, increasing in volume of late. Conversations are evolving from addressing IT infrastructure issues to discussions surrounding innovation and the possibilities IoT offers. This expansion of ideas and excitement in IoT has been fueled in part by the capabilities supported by IEEE open standards such as AVB/TSN, which provide for deterministic, low latency data transmission over Ethernet. The adoption of these standards and their application for IoT is receiving increased development and focus from companies outside of professional AV, including the automotive industry and industrial sector. Ultimately, the push toward IoT will encourage a significant growth in the adoption of the AVB/TSN standards, solidifying AVB/TSN as the standard of choice for a number of industries, including AV.

Graeme Harrison Graeme Harrison
11:30 12:00

Social Media Marketing for AV Pros

Social media shouldn’t be a separate marketing effort in your company — it should be par to your overall marketing strategy. And, Twitter isn’t the only thing you should be doing! This session will go over the five social media platforms/apps that should be part of every AV integrator or dealer’s marketing plan.

Gary Kayye Gary Kayye
12:00 12:30

Twenty Minute NAVs: Security against hackers

Security is paramount in today’s AV systems as hackers have been penetrating our market looking for new targets. There is a public search engine that crawls the Internet looking for devices being exposed to the public. AV integrators sometimes even don’t know that their devices are publicly accessible, leaving the possibility open for their products potentially being hacked from anywhere in the world. Join this session to look at how hackers find a way into your AV system.

Dean McFadden Dean McFadden
12:30 1:00

Streaming Containers

A container is a metafile; a file that contains that can store multiple types of data in a structured format. A video container holds all the different files and data the player requires to play the video. This may include one or more audio channels, one or more videos, graphics files, metadata, and data files. Metadata id data about data it is a data structure that organizes information the player may need, including, but not limited to, timing information, window size, what codec(s) is being used, titles, program information, bookmarks, and closed captioning. This presentation will explain the concept, function, and various types and uses of containers used in AV media streaming today. It will clear up the differences between container and codecs and help the student understand the underlying technology in delivering AV content.

Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I Paul Zielie, CTS-D, CTS-I