19-21 Aug 2020
Virtual Speaker Series

An Industry Transformed

The world may have changed, including the way we do business, but technology remains a key component to moving forward as we navigate a post-pandemic world. Our virtual speaker series, An Industry Transformed, is an opportunity for the industry to immerse themselves in the future of AV and discover opportunity with this expert-led 3-day program.

19 - 21 AUGUST 2020

This August, Integrate invites you to explore an industry transformed with our new virtual speaker series…

Integrate has always looked towards the future of industry innovation and now is no different, with the announcement of our 2020 virtual speaker series in association with AVIXA –  ‘An Industry Transformed’.

This free-to-attend virtual program will run across three days from 19 to 21 August 2020. Whether you are an integrator, end-user, supplier, or manufacturer, this program is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the future of AV and discover how to navigate AV business in our changing world.

The expert-led program which has been developed in collaboration with AVIXA will consist of a combination of live panel discussions, pre-recorded presentations and manufacturer training.  To ensure open discussion and connection with others in the industry all sessions will have live chat and Q+A opportunities.

Day 1

Wednesday 19 August 2020 - Education (AM) - Enterprise (PM)

Tim Albright will moderate a panel of industry experts both within the Australia market and globally. These experts can speak to how technology is working in the real world. Attendees will get a sense of which shifts will impact them whether they are in education, corporate, or retail. Join technology managers, manufacturers, and other AV professionals in discussing where the AV industry is headed.

The education panel hosts speakers from tertiary AV management to policy and training expertise. In one of the most impacted industries of recent times, this expert panel will discuss the issues currently facing operators and priorities for recovery.
Further panellists to be announced.

The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly changed the way we work, live and interact, causing additional burden and heightened stress on our mental wellbeing. Working within a fast-paced sector that is the AV industry, can take a significant toll: long hours, company acquisitions, career changes or loss of employment or business opportunities are challenges to the workforce that can create long lasting impact on our mental health. This AVIXA® panel discussion aims to raise awareness of the mental health conversation in AV and to offer information and pathways for mental health support available to individuals and organisations. Our hope is to provide information about support services for those who are suffering, regardless of their source of hardship. The panel includes representatives from our industry sharing their stories, as well as Christine Morgan, CEO of the National Mental Health Commission.

Join this panel discussion to understand how Enterprise operations are changing in this new landscape. Hear insights from panellists as they delve into topics ranging from the physical and built environment to leadership evolutions and HR shifts.

Day 2

Thursday 20 August 2020 - Live Events (AM) - Retail & Hospitality (PM)

The AVIXA Women’s Council is a global network platform enabling female professionals in the AV and technology industry to meet, to learn, find mentors and empower each other.
How will the Women’s Council group open new paths to grow careers? How can you get involved to lead a local group in your city? What are local group activities that fulfill the mission of providing support and increased opportunities for women in the AV community? As local groups are forming in Australia/New Zealand, this session will provide hands-on information for female AVIXA members interested in joining, establishing and running local AVIXA Women’s Council groups.
Join us at this keynote session, in which two leading representatives from the U.S. Women’s Council share their amazing experience of initiating and leading the expansion of local groups in their region. The keynote speakers will be followed by a live Q&A session.

The very human need for social connection and interactivity is at the core of our love for live events, gigs and even trade exhibitions. When this is taken away from us what can we do to simulate connectivity and what are the priorities for recovery?

IoT, Big Data, AI, Cobots. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun and it will change our lives. A generation ago the tech we use every day was science fiction. One more generation and what seems implausible will be ubiquitous.

What does this mean for Pro AV? - How can we ride the wave of change? We don’t have all the answers yet but at least lets start asking the right questions. Fortune favours the prepared.

Visualising data generated by Smart Workplaces can be a challenge, and although dashboards seem like a one size fits all solution, there is a lot of ways they can go wrong! In this talk, I'll cover common errors that can ruin your end users' ability to make data driven decisions using dashboards, and also give some quick tips to put you on the right path.

The last 20 years of hospitality and retail design has been geared towards connectivity and social interaction. What will the COVID era mean to our accommodation, dining and shopping spaces? How can we support social engagement in these areas safely? Join association leaders, retailers and designers as they discuss these challenges and share their thoughts on the future of retail and hospitality.
Panellists to be announced shortly.

Day 3

Friday 21 August 2020 - Government & Infrastructure (AM) - Healthcare (PM)

Power over HDBaseT (PoH) is the norm in most digital AV systems today. But how well will the cabling infrastructure - originally designed for just electronic data transmission - support the constant heavy current loads of PoH, historically deployed over power cables? What if the cabling isn’t up to the task and fails at a crucial time? Who would be accountable from a legal perspective in the event of a camera, digital signage or medical imaging system not functioning, especially where there is considerable resultant loss? Would it be the business owner, the building owner, the integrator/installer, the cabler, the equipment supplier? Most likely all of them would be partially accountable under subrogation. So integrator/installer/cabler would incur some liability in the claim. Which begs the Q – what should AV integrators/installers/cablers do to protect themselves from such liabilities, as more and more PoH gear is being deployed over their infrastructure?

Today’s digital signage solutions have come a long way from where they started. Digital displays are everywhere, assisting us in our daily lives. Digital signage is becoming progressively more reliable, allowing consumers to receive information, with features like interactivity and personalisation. A combination of new digital signage industry trends, emerging technology and a continuation of past trends are set to dominate signage throughout the years to come.
Speaker to be announced shortly.

From bush fires to COVID 19 to imminent cyber threats, the last 12 months have seen the establishment of new control centres, increased security of our systems, daily press briefings and generally a more transparent communication style by our state and federal leaders. The AV community has been instrumental is designing and installing the systems to facilitate this new normal – hear from our expert panel about the learnings and where to from here.

Many solutions and platforms are either available now or being developed to enable what we call the (Building of the Future) providing automated and optimized integrated control solutions for the building occupants such as desks agility management, people locating, meeting & huddle spaces control, digital wallet and more providing an actual smart space experience to the users. The session intention is to navigate through a few of the current and future solutions and discuss what really makes a building smart and what affects the experience of the users inside the building and make it more optimized, efficient, and friction-less. A case study of the Aurecon Group Consultants Building in Brisbane will be discussed as a real life example of a building of the future utilizing the latest smart building control platforms technology.

When a once in 100 year pandemic strikes the pressure if obviously most felt by those on the frontline. How will this impact the future design of our healthcare technology and IT infrastructures? Is Telehealth here to stay? What are the priorities for in person care?
Panellists to be announced shortly.

An AVIXA member? To earn RU’s, attendees must attend the RU approved session live. Please note that watching sessions “on demand” will not provide RU’s.

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