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Integrate and IMCCA teamed up to give you an insight into the latest trends in Unified Communications Technology. Launched in 2017, industry experts and senior executives converged to address the latest issues in conferencing, collaboration, and unified communications. What disruptions are just over the horizon? How are mobility and interoperability impacting the industry? What impact are mobile devices having within organizations? and more...

UC Talks – Convention Centre, Level 2, Room 217
Tuesday 29 August 2017

Work is now what you do, not where you go. In this panel session, discover new work environments and policies that have been a great success for organizations. Learn how the tenets of smarter working and activity based working change office designs and the collaboration tools we use within them. Hear how collaboration technologies support a better work life balance, with people wasting less time commuting and enjoying more family time. Get details about how organizations are reaping the rewards of lower real estate and facilities costs and happier, more productive workers.

• Hear how Activity Based Working and Smarter Working are changing the face of office design
• Learn how remote working / teleworking have affected the enterprise
• Hear how other organizations have successfully implemented remote worker strategies
• Discuss how remote workers have been “scapegoated” by some firms, and what the real problems are

Ian Heard, Microsoft (Moderator)
Brenda Daniels, National Sales Manager-Channel, Crestron
Scott Whatron, Vp & GM, Video Collaboration, Logitech
Theo Van Niekerk, Country Manager, New Zealand, Kramer

In this presentation we’ll address move of the industry toward the cloud. Whether it’s Microsoft’s Office365, Google’s G-Suite, Cisco’s Spark or any of the other offerings, it is clear that the service providers want to move their users to an end-user annuity model for collaboration and productivity. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the various Collaboration as a Service options and explain what you need to know to use them effectively. With dozens of providers now offering visual collaboration and UC as a service, does anyone need to buy anything anymore? Will everyone soon be using cloud consumption models?

• Learn about the current state of Collaboration “as a Service” offerings and consumption models
• Hear how people have leveraged Cloud Services to improve productivity and reduce costs
• Hear from experts what has worked and what has not

Ian Heard, Microsoft (Moderator)
Gustav Hultgren, Regional Director APAC, Videxio
Michael Carvosso, Westan
Matt Brown, Technology Director, Videopro

Looking for the right connector to hook-up your device in a conference room has always been a daunting task, with VGA, Display-Port, and now HDMI amongst the choices. End-users demanded an easier way, and manufacturers responded with wireless connections – but not all were compatible with all devices. To break-through this confusion, some videoconference platforms now offer their own system for wirelessly connecting – which can be as simple as joining the meeting from your device. This panel discussion will explore the history, the various options available and the plusses and minuses of each type of choice.

• Content sharing in meeting rooms has evolved from finding the right connector and adaptor to connecting wirelessly
• Wireless connectivity products can be convenient, but can represent security risks as well
• More conferencing hardware and software platforms are adding their own wireless presentation capabilities

Cameron Douglas, Executive producer, Videopro (Moderator)
Theo Van niekerk, Country Manager, New Zealand, Kramer
Nelson Padilla, VC Category and Business Manager, Logitech

Wednesday 30 August 2017

This panel session will examine how new products are driving exponential growth in the interactive display market. With Cisco’s Sparkboard, Google’s Jamboard, Microsoft’s Surface Hub and other new entrants taking their place next to existing interactive whiteboards and touch displays, the market is exploding. Find out how these products work and are managed within an organization. Learn when they help vs. provide no real value. Discover the correct combination of features to suit your unique needs.

• An examination of the exploding Electronic IWB space – with new entrants from Microsoft, Cisco, Google and many others.
• How to identify truly appropriate use cases from “fad purchases/placements”
• Which systems are universal vs. ones that only work on a manufacturer’s ecosystem, and what are the benefits of each
• How do interactive systems connect to other UC & Collaboration systems

James Ware, Senior Manager Microsoft Alliance, Polycom (Moderator)
Todd Vandenberg, Connect & Collaborate Manager, Ricoh
Nick Benoit, Natl Manager, Govt and Enterprise Solutions, Smarttech

In this panel session, explore best practices for selecting huddle room technology. Many organizations have embraced the concept of the huddle room— a meeting space that holds only a handful of people as they collaborate together - but the options for executing that concept are endless. Some solutions require users to bring their own devices. Others are entirely self-contained, with no BYOD required. How will you select the right technology for these now critical spaces? Our panelists will lay out the benefits, risks, and applications of each approach.

• Identify how this new generation of technology can increase business productivity and employee engagement
• Understand the latest offerings in the space and what advantages they bring to the experience
• Contrast the benefits and down-sides of BYOD based rooms vs. rooms that have all they need already installed

Tony Simonsen, Managing Director - ANZ, Japan and Korea, Polycom (Moderator)
Cameron Puckey, Director of Specification Markets, Crestron
Scott Wharton, Vp & GM, Video Collaboration, Logitech
Ragu Satkunam, Product & Marketing Manager, Ricoh
Tim Valley, Regional Sales Manager, Westan USA/ANZ Professional Sales Group, Shure Incorporated
Theo Van Niekerk, Country Manager, New Zealand, Kramer

Join industry experts and senior executives as they address the latest issues related to conferencing, collaboration, and unified communications. What disruptions are just over the horizon? How are mobility and interoperability impacting the industry? What are the latest user applications in business, education and healthcare? What does convergence look like in the home, as well as in business? What impact are mobile devices having within organizations? What role do managed services offerings and the cloud play in making use of these technologies effective and seamless? Attend the luncheon to learn, ask questions and challenge the panelists.

Ian Heard, Microsoft (Moderator)
Romain Pare, Marketing Executive, ANZ, Crestron
Scott Wharton, Vp & GM, Video Collaboration, Logitech

UC Stage – Show floor
Tuesday 29 August 2017

Wednesday 30 August 2017

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