21-23 Jul 2021

Integrate Speaker Series

Covering all three days of the event, Integrate and its partner associations team up to curate a not-to-be-missed education opportunity that offers the best training, insights and trends on harnessing the power of AV for your business. 2020 Program coming soon.

19 - 21 August
From 10:30 daily

Whether you want to upskill your AV knowledge or want to know how to harness your AV potential, the Integrate Speaker Series is a not-to-be-missed learning opportunity. This year we have a host of local and international guest speakers who will be covering a breath of topics related to the AV industry. From ‘Enhancing the digital signage experience with AI’ to ‘Developments in AV over IP’, there is sure to be a session which sparks your interest!

Tickets are available as One, Two and Three Day Passes, which allows you access to all INTEGRATE Education sessions including CEDIA and AVIXA sessions/networking on your chosen day. And for a limited time, take advantage of our Early Bird offer!

Day 1 Speaker Sessions

Tuesday 27 August 2019

With a rapidly evolving technology landscape, it’s a dynamic and exciting time to be part of the AV industry, especially when you consider the diversity offered across the Asia Pacific markets. So how does the Australian and New Zealand pro-AV industry stack up against other international markets? With demand for AV over IP and new opportunities opening up in streaming and cloud-based technologies on a global scale, is our local market adopting innovation and new technologies in line with our neighbours? And what should we be looking out for in the future? This session invites global AV leaders to share their analysis of the key trends and forecasts with each member presenting their 5 year outlook on the industry, followed by a panel discussion as well as audience Q&A.

Artificial intelligence in digital signage / av is impacting projects across the globe in 2019. Large companies and new start-ups alike are investing into solutions that enhance the digital signage experience through AI. There are several topics to discuss relating to how this new technology spans across the entirety of digital signage today and tomorrow.

Room designs and installs haven't changed in 25 years. Sure, the devices and hardware have made significant advances in that time. But, the function of the rooms hasn't changed. But it's about to. And, it's not because we’re moving everything to AV-over-IP or because of more "all-in-one" gear solutions. People have changed. Things have changed. Tech has changed. Now, AV design needs to change. It's important to start thinking about AV design and installation from a people-first approach. Why? Well, have you realized that most Millennials and Gen-Z don’t communicate the way we do? And, this maters as Millennials are rapidly moving into decision-making roles that will affect the way we design, integrate and use technology; and Generation-Z is right behind them - as the first Gen-Z generation of students will graduate from college in 2021. So? Why should you care? Let’s take the classroom, for example. Nearly very classroom is designed for linear teaching - the way we’ve taught kids for nearly 200-year now. But, ironically, all of Gen-Z and nearly half of Millennials work, play and communicate non-linear. Same for the average meeting room. Most are set-up to accommodate slide-1, slide-2, slide-3, etc. delivery of content yet, that’s only accommodating linear thinkers. Gary, and a few of his students at UNC, have researched how Millennials and Gen-Z learn, interact, communicate and accomplish tasks and it’s not the way you might think. And, since that’s who will be filling all these AV-centric rooms we are designing today, you should attend this session and learn how you can add some simple functionality to accommodate this new generation of multi-tasking client.

This session is AVISA CTS approved for 1.5 CTS RUs

Video has permeated its way into day-to-day life and is being widely adopted across the world in enterprise, corporate and educational environments; but why and how is this being delivered? This session will investigate the uses of enterprise video for teaching and learning, internal communications and entertainment and will consider the advantages of deploying on-premise, via the cloud or as a hybrid technology solution.

Collaboration in digital workplaces is more than just being able to sit in a workspace together. A company with many different business units and operational processes can quickly evolve into a fragmented workplace, which can result in reduced efficiencies. It pays to take a step back and consider how ready your business is for a more dispersed workforce with diverse working styles. Workplaces can be anywhere. So how do you make for the most collaborative, most inspiring and most productive work environments when those spaces can be literally anywhere?

All enterprise AV installations should be the result of an outlined architectural vision that includes IT security, IT grade transport mechanisms, manageability/monitor-ability, price-performance and features, in that order. From this reference architecture organizations can deliver a better end-user experience and more efficient deployments.

We've all heard someone say, “Mobile internet will replace fixed cable ” or “you can forget the cord”. The reality is slightly different, as behind every single permanently installed wireless access point there has to be wires for power and connection to the network. Tesla who gave us AC power as we know it today has a dream a vision to deliver wireless electrical power but for the foreseeable future we need the cables. This session will cover the development of mobile technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) and Wifi, where we are headed and what infrastructure is required to deliver the much promised future of 5G and WFi 6.

Day 2 Speaker Sessions

Wednesday 28th August 2019

You can have all of the best audiovisual technology in the world that’s integrated to provide the best customer experience – but how cohesive are your teams? As an audiovisual leader, leading with trust improves teamwork, innovation and execution. It also means projects are more profitable (and less stressful!).

As workplace demographics are transforming, employers struggle to match the evolving needs of a multi-generational workforce. New digital technologies have improved the way we analyse data, collaborate with employees, communicate and make decisions. Social networking, mobile, data and cloud technology has changed most aspects of our personal and business lives, making them more connected by the day. Most of these technologies undergo enhancements as better technologies arise leading to constant disruption. As more and more organisations evolve, innovation will continue to transform work culture and have a deep impact on today’s digital workplace environment. However, adapting to the latest digital transformation trends in the workplace has always been a challenge for organisations. Businesses are on a constant run to acclimatise to a sustainable digital practice i.e.; to upgrade to latest or relevant business strategy; which would be a feasible solution in the long haul. But keeping at the forefront of changes in the market and adopting newer trends that produce favourable business outcomes is critical.
In this panel discussion, we’re going to address digital workplace trends that are going to have the most impact on enterprises.

User experience is a buzz word at the moment, but what are we even talking about? Where does it start and stop? Who does it involve? All the Acronyms, all the all the adjectives, all the lines of code, all the touch panels, voice control, gestures, Biometrics, RUBY, C++, HTML5, PYTHON… yawn….Why are we over-complicating something so inherently natural about how want to interact with technology? And the punchline… how do we make it easy? Why don’t we start asking – what do people FEEL when they use our stuff? That’s my Holy Grail…without the talk about code and/or coding in this presentation, at all, none.

There is no market where change is happening more than in the AV / Collaboration industry. AV integrators, component & control system manufacturers and videoconferencing vendors are being disrupted by new market entrants, commoditisation of products, As-A-Service business models and adjacent industries (like IT / Electrical / Security) where AV & Collaboration is considered just another component in a project. Few AV companies have made the transition from “project” focussed business models to “annuity” focused Lifecyle models. More of the same will not be sustainable for much longer. Come & hear Ben discuss and challenge you about why the AV Industry needs to think differently, what are the forces driving change in the tech industry, why should Annuity Revenue be important to you, what’s important to customers and how you can help them and Selling Annuity ~v~ Selling Boxes.

There’s a lot of misleading information about AV-over-IP. It’s not easy, it’s not lossless compression and it’s not going to happen overnight. But, it IS the future of AV signal distribution. There is no “standard" that everyone has adopted for sending AV signals (video, audio, control and power) over the network – there are multiple ways of doing it and some (not all) of the different options are interoperable. So, buyer and adopter beware. This session will take you on a journey through the plethora of signal routing options via an IP network and explain how each one works, what’s good about it, what’s bad about it and, most of all, how likely it is to experience industry-wide adoption. You will leave understanding each and every option out there, what works and what’s pure hype and how you evaluate the trade-offs for each option.

This session is AVISA CTS approved for 1.5 CTS RUs

JBL have a wealth of loudspeaker solutions that employ advanced beamforming technologies. In this session we will explore Electronic (Digitally Controlled) Beamforming and how it has advanced way beyond simple “Beam Steering” to advanced “Beam Shaping” Technologies and look at how the technology has been applied in the JBL Intellivox range.

Convergence has been on the horizon for many years, but it is usually discussed in terms of IT swallowing other industries whole. However, this session looks at convergence from another angle; using case studies to see why more corporate customers, including some of the world’s biggest companies, are increasingly using broadcast technology instead of the standard “Pro AV” favourites. This session will dissect corporate meeting rooms, convention centres and eSports arena to examine the less-discussed version of convergence: the convergence of industries.

Adoption of workplace technology is never about the technology, 87% of the Australian workforce believe existing communication and collaboration tools in their workplace could be improved. Most IT departments and integrators take a technology first approach. Organisations want to see increased productivity, improved sales or money saving. Whilst this can happen, technology will only be adopted if the needs of the people are at the centre of the design. Find out about the successful and proven methods of persona, empathy and work-flow mapping so your technology deployments are adopted to improve the employee experience and meet the goals of your organisation. You will learn more about human centred design; think in terms of employee journeys and rather than specs and features. Most importantly, ensure your technology decisions are right for the people they should be designed for and create the right experience from the start.

The next three decades will be the most technologically disruptive era in human history. Advances in artificial intelligence, combined with radical breakthroughs in hardware, will usher in an era that sounds like science fiction today. Devices will fade away, virtual environments will emerge and super-smart AI assistants will organise our lives and run our businesses. In this new world, our relationship with technology will change forever. We will, both virtually and biologically, Merge together. Based on exclusive interviews with inspirational business leaders, world-renowned academics and pioneering researchers, Merge investigates the five stages of this extraordinary journey. It explores the urgent implications for marketing and reveals exciting new opportunities for brands. Crucially, it identifies what needs to be done today in order to prepare for tomorrow – a future in which humanity and technology become inextricably linked.

Digital Signage is really starting to deliver on its promise: ‘the right message, at the right time and the right place’. Hear from some of the best in the business as they relate their digital strategy experiences in mass transport, retail and more. For example, how to leverage data in tailoring the message; the importance of wi-fi to your strategy; how your website acts as a digital concierge for your organisation; and much more beside.

Day 3 Speaker Sessions

Thursday 29th August 2019

Artificial Intelligence is a phrase that is becoming as overused as the word Cloud. AI has become a generic catch-all sentiment for the idea that our computing technology is getting smarter; that it’s performing more than the binary operations we’re familiar with experiencing. But what does AI mean? What are the gradients of AI and which ones will improve the operations and performance of your facility AV technology? Bottom line, you want your facility AV technology investments to produce better results for the performers in your space. You want your technology to work harder – and smarter - for you. Explore with us ways to build an AI strategy the helps – not hinders you in your mission.

AV over IP continues to mature. It's gained preference over matrix switch based distribution including SDI in the broadcast and post-production space, and HDBaseT or native HDMI in commercial and residential. But there’s many approaches, all of which balance image quality, compression and network speed. In this panel we’ll discuss the pros and cons, use cases and technology roadmap for AV over IP.

This session will provide an overview of the nature and evolution of work, looking at the role of immersive technologies within the future of work and the challenges we face; the human factors & organisational psychology (change management) and what can be done (frameworks to support strategy, risk management).

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