17-19 Aug 2022
ICC, Sydney

Integrate & AVIXA Speaker Series

In 2021 the AVIXA and Integrate Education programs are combined to present a not-to-be-missed education stream.

17-18 November 2021
9:50am - 4:00pm
From $119 + GST

With an increased focus on AV technology and its importance in our ‘new normal’ this stream will combine essential training, latest AV insights and trends and offer solutions to help you harness the power of AV in this world transformed.

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If you missed any sessions on the day or would like to rewatch, all virtual attendees will have access to the free sessions from each day and education delegates will have on-demand access to view the entire program for up to one month. Simply log back in to the virtual platform and view from your timeline.

Day 1 Featuring

Wednesday 17 November 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the world economy, with businesses facing the challenge of having to adapt to this new reality, while planning for future growth. The AV industry has been uniquely affected by the pandemic, with some sectors seeing exponential growth, while others experiencing increasingly difficult to operate markets. With a vastly different AV landscape, join expert AV leaders to discuss the latest data and insights from AVIXA’s 2020 Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA), new intelligence about market changes, emerging trends and realistic insights into the application of AV products and solutions for channel growth.

This presentation focus on how the workspace is going to change - what that change is and how it is going to affect demand? It also explores how the changes is going to affect design and how AV can evolve to integrate tech and space. Discussion will also use current case studies that address these changes.

This session will cover just how and why Acoustic Modelling is vital to the success of spot on, targeted, audio installations. From early stage conceptual drafts and interpreting vague customer descriptions, through to the modelling process and the tools you can use (Free and Paid) and how to present and measure the final outcome. Learn and discuss why acoustic modelling is a must for most installations, and the value rich service it provides to the A/V install process and end users along the way.

The session will discuss how the foundation and methodologies of User Experience can be applied to improve the way we deliver to our clients, how we can design for experiences before technologies for an optimal and exceptional clients and customer experiences.

Is it in the cloud? Is it in the cloud? Is it virtual reality? Or Big Data? Hear from experts on how institutions with different needs and budgets approach to fully implementing learning’s new normal.

The debate on mental health is now well publicised and many businesses are investing in and exploring new ways to ensure they have a well workforce. Yet working practices are changing rapidly and significantly, as well as the makeup and needs of the workforce’s next-generation, especially after COVID. The increase in mental health issues recently is said to be due to a variety of reasons, such as the fear of being infected by COVID-19, concerns about the health of loved ones, feelings of isolation and loneliness, new working environments, fears about job securities, financial concerns and added pressures of having to juggle work with home responsibilities. Also, with the prospect of returning to the workplace post lockdown, symptoms of anxiety and stress may arise due to general health concerns about travelling into/being at work, uncertainty for what lies ahead and having to adapt to yet another new way of living.
In this session, panelists will discuss the topics below and participate in a Q&A session:
* What mental health challenges might individuals face as they return to work during the age of COVID-19 and with infection prevention measures in place?
* In 2020, home became work for many. Assuming home is ‘safe’, what lessons do we bring from 2020 into 2021 which enhance the workplace?
* What is your safe place? The importance and reliance on employers to provide a predictable and safe environment, given the external factors have become less predictable in recent times.
* EAP have been invaluable as unpredictability has triggered greater anxiety in many people. Is it time to bring EAP into the Town Hall and reassure your teams that nothing is assumed?

Day 2 Featuring

Thursday 18 November 2021

The mission of the AVIXA Women’s Council is to provide a platform for the global community of female AVIXA members and other professionals who are committed to supporting and empowering women in the technology and AV industry. Come join us at this forum and hear from highly accomplished female industry leaders, as they share their personal experience on they forged successful careers in a male-dominated tech industry sector by driving gender parity, inclusivity in the workplace and how they challenge the status quo. During an open discussion, you are invited to engage with these female trailblazers to receive advice and ideas for your own career.

While HyFlex is a term that’s been around for almost 10 years, Covid-19 rapidly accelerated a transition to online, remote teaching and learning that has left schools and universities overwhelmed with information and technological band-aids. Today we gather perspectives from a range of key stakeholders involved in these changes and discuss all things HyFlex – the success stories, the challenges, lessons learned and the way forward.

Standards boost business. As a designer, installer, or system user, AV standards are written to help you improve quality and efficiency. Learn about 11 you should be using right now.

As we approach 2022, let's take a look at emerging technologies that will impact the digital signage landscape. From hardware, to content, to design and explore the future of digital signage.

With AV technology enabling learning to continue, overall network security, as well as data sharing and data privacy, will play a huge role in 2021. This session looks at what this will mean for higher education. Join us to learn how to:
- Identify the biggest threats to higher education institutions and learn how to prepare.
- Understand how a risk-based security strategy can detect and prevent threats.
- Apply insights to your current network security documents to evaluate overall conditions to identify where improvements can be made.

A panel of the foremost manufacturers and service providers share their insights on where conferencing and collaboration are now, a year and a half after the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped our world. Plus, their predictions on where we are going next.

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