17-19 Nov 2021

The Immersive Lounge (powered by Igloo Vision)

This interactive, immersive projection space is a technology demonstrator and talk location for emerging technologies. You’ll get to hear about what’s driving the creation of these new technologies and also get a chance to ask industry experts about the things you need to consider when implementing them. See firsthand what an immersive meeting room of the future looks like and how to harness the power of IP based audio and video to create fully immersive spaces.

17-19 November
Show Floor
10:00am - 5:00pm

Immersive Lounge Free Program & Demonstration Schedule

Wednesday 17 November

With most organisations required to utilise (or at least planning to be able to support) hybrid meetings, we take a look at the technology that can help add more connectivity to your standard video conferencing session. Most people have now had significant exposure to how a hybrid meeting runs, with Zoom and Teams meetings becoming ubiquitous across business and education. We look here at how we can inject more collaborative and interactive discussion throughout these sessions, to ensure that both in room and out of room participants feel fully engaged.

Large multi-touch displays have long held promise of making us more productive and more engaged in meetings. Interactive touch walls are now also commonly found in corporate reception showcases, flagship boardrooms and public spaces like libraries and galleries. But do people really use them to their full potential, and how can organisations keep them refreshed with interesting and relevant content to ensure their long-term adoption? In this talk, I unpack insights from our experience implementing such screens in a range of markets, and reflect on their role and emerging opportunities in post-COVID hybrid workplaces.

Lectures used to be delivered from lecture theatres – now they're being delivered from immersive spaces and upgraded meeting rooms supporting BYOD. This talk will highlight the challenges faced during COVID, where Ed Tech is going in the future, what's driving this and things to consider when designing and implementing these types of spaces.

During the pandemic there was a big shortage of broadcast gear driven by business sudden need to communicate with remote audiences. Remote staff meetings, remote board meetings, even just companies upping their meeting game meant that many Networking, AV and IT departments were suddenly tasks with using tech for more polished production values. In this talk learn what type of equipment was suddenly in high demand and what it was being used for. You’ll also get to see a demo of how this technology works by using remote multi site workflows for bringing people and locations together.

As a result of the pandemic, many things about meetings changed: people couldn’t travel overseas/interstate, crowd into a room together or even get into the office. This has driven massive uptake in things like video conferencing and online collaboration tools. In this talk, James will cover how these technologies have been merged with physical AV installs to create the meeting room of the future. You’ll get to see examples of how traditional AV, when merged with web services, can be used to make it feel like remote workers, students, offices, and so on, are all sharing the same space.

Thursday 18 November

IP based audio systems are being adopted at an increasing rate owing to the capabilities, functionality, and flexibility they provide. However, many enterprises are still wary of running AoIP on their networks. Learn about how and why this is changing every day, with so much hardware now supporting Dante. Hear about enterprise level case studies where Dante has been used to achieve previously unheard of functionality and massively streamline and simplify AV setups.

BirdDog have created a whole company around enabling PTZ cameras with NDI…but that's now grown to a whole range of technologies. Learn why NDI is so powerful, how it's changing the IP video landscape and what you need to consider when using it. You’ll learn about some large NDI deployments and how it can be much more than just a video device on your LAN.

We first started seeing video over ethernet cables with the advent of HDBaseT which is rapidly becoming the norm….but what can’t it do and what's next. Learn about why the next step is not just using ethernet cables for video transmission but also switching gear. A full-stack solution for IP video has amazing potential which you’ll hear about in this talk.

Friday 19 November
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