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CEDIA Training provides members and industry professionals with courses and seminars around emerging trends, operational expertise and technical training for technicians and businesses. Run by internationally recognised instructors, these training sessions are invaluable for any integrator or installer looking to ensure they keep up to date with industry certification.

Wednesday 22 August 2018

With consumers and business rapidly increasing their expectations and knowledge related to technology, integrators must understand current and emerging technology trends. This course will offer a look at the speed at which new technologies become popular, and break down the most prevalent technology trends that are happening right now, as identified by CEDIA's Emerging Technologies department and Technology Council. We'll also discuss the implications on technology integrators and their prospective clients.
CEU Value: 1.5

Using the ever-growing number of online platforms for company marketing can be appealing. Yet key messages can soon get lost, become confusing and even be destructive if not coordinated. So how can we bring these activities together to build a solid brand that drives sales? In this course attendees will look at combining online activity to build a brand that clients know, like, trust and even love! The session is suitable for integrators, manufacturers and distributors alike. Attendees will leave with a marketing template to use in their own business and a clear path for success!
CEU Value: 1.5

If you’re sold on recurring monthly revenue, but can’t quite work through the concepts of creating a preventive service plan for your business, then this workshop is for you! This session features real-life examples, the opportunity to generate a service plan for your business, and the basic framework for pricing, proposals, and sales and marketing strategy.
CEU Value: 1.5

Learn how to eliminate electrical surges/noise, properly ground lines, and ensure power quality/conditioning. Gain a better understanding of proper power conditioning for electronic systems, the causes of electrical noise and surges, and essential grounding requirements. You will engage in real-life scenarios requiring their examination and resolution. This course also teaches appropriate methods of effective power conditioning and how to handle phase and polarity issues.
At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:
- Diagnose and alleviate the sources of electrical noise and surges in circuits
- Determine the impact and remedy for power quality problems such as over/under voltages, brownouts, spikes, and sags
- Demonstrate the use of code-approved power conditioning methods
- Implement grounding requirements pertinent to voltage regulators, surge protectors, and uninterrupted power supplies
CEU Value: 1.5

CEDIA and HDBaseT Alliance join forces to present the official comprehensive guide to HDBaseT. Adapted from the popular HDBaseT Installer Expert program, this course has been tailored especially for CEDIA residential applications. Includes background, technology, 5Play feature insight, and installation best practices. The session will discuss system design, use cases, and troubleshooting. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a recognised HDBaseT Master Integrator certificate.
CEU Value: 1.5

Even the highest quality equipment will not perform well if a network is poorly designed. This interactive class examines the advanced home network from the designer’s perspective. It covers hardware, infrastructure, and configurations needed for a dependable, high-performance network. This class is intended for professionals with a working knowledge of networking and IP.
CEU Value: 1.5

Thursday 23 August 2018

"Estimating and proposal writing are a fine art and must always follow a thorough design process for client discovery and needs assessment. Good design process will reveal the right problems to solve.
This course starts with problem definition and delves into systematic data gathering and estimating techniques that will result in more profitable projects. We will cover many styles of proposal writing with real examples from successful projects, both large and small."
CEU Value: 1.5

"Our thirst for data is huge. With 4K and even 8K video on the horizon it's about to get even bigger! If you want to deliver reliable data (especially for video) then you need to understand bandwidth.
In this course we'll start by looking at binary data. We'll then use simple bandwidth calculations to understand how much bandwidth each system needs, and compare those bandwidth requirements with the capacities available from common carriers. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of data, bandwidth and capacity. They will also be able to assess and apply bandwidth figures to real-world situations."
CEU Value: 1.5

A great website for your company isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Even if the majority of your business comes from referrals, your customers will check your website before contacting you. In short, your website is now your most powerful marketing asset. This course will provide a complete checklist for success including mobile compatibility, metadata, SEO, blog writing, connecting social media and much more. Expect a unique focus on building websites for the residential technology marketplace including real-world examples and case studies.
CEU Value: 1.5

Our hunger for ever-increasing bandwidth and reach will see optical fibre cable go from optional high-end to inevitable necessity. All new for 2018, this class will explore the evolution of optical fibre, providing context for the current and emerging generation of cable, connectors, use cases and installation practices. Includes a hands-on workshop to learn and practice fibre cable handling and termination, empowering you with the know-how to make fibre a regular part of your integration projects.
CEU Value: 1.5

WiFi connectivity is a key communication method for much of the personal technology we use today. The increasingly crowded WiFi spectrum is busy delivering media, email, VoIP and other services to home owners and their neighbours!

This course goes back to basics to understand the fundamental technology behind wireless, and RF (Radio Frequency) transmission as a physical layer in the OSI model. The course will compare wireless to other physical layer types and explores the behaviours of RF considering data speed, frequency and coverage. Attendees will learn the benefits and opportunities of wireless security and explore how to ensure secure networks and how to expand a wireless network to cover larger areas.
CEU Value: 1.5

Immersive sound offers the possibility of new life-like experiences in home cinema, but also raises challenges with new formats and more specifically their non-compatible 3D speaker layouts. This course covers the concepts of immersive sound, the three immersive sound formats and their recommended speaker layouts. It also explores the specific additional constraints found in high-performance home cinemas and proposes unified speaker layouts for multiple listeners. The course also offers the opportunity to provide a practical implementation in a real project.
CEU Value: 1.5

Friday 24 August 2018*

*Please note that the Exam is NOT included in an education pass and must be purchased through CEDIA directly. 

This course will provide attendees with the clear, structural methodology required for rack building from planning through to future servicing. The course will explore industry best practice, the importance of wiring choices and standard approaches which can be applied to projects of all sizes.

Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding into the different types of racks, and appreciate how to apply the correct knowledge for overcoming issues with equipment placement, wiring, connectivity and rack build as a whole. CEU Value: 1.5

The ESC Certification is a foundational credential for individuals who work in the home technology industry and want to broaden their knowledge in all aspects of the channel. The ESC-T Certification is for individuals who are well versed in rough-in and trim-out tasks as well as installation and troubleshooting. This certification covers the technical expertise that forms the foundation of the industry. The ESC-N Certification is for an individual who has mastery of designing, installing and configuring a network in the home. The ESC-D Certification is for an individual well-versed in needs analysis, project design, documentation, and design management. Most professionals who sit for the exam have five or more years of experience.
CEU Value: 1.5

PLEASE NOTE: This exam is NOT included in the education passes. Please contact Lauren Tuckwell at ltuckwell@cedia.org for tickets and prices.

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